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64/35 Started by Flrty_bstrd Monday, 18 June 2018 1 reply
Any women flashing tomorrow? Started by Scott007 Tuesday, 27 March 2018 1 reply
Little flash Started by Sue Saturday, 30 September 2017 2 Replies
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Trucker55 and 34 others have joined the group 64 west .wv.to 35 west Ohio 1 week ago

Running across 35 today Dayton to Chillicothe. Who's out playing?

Riding across 35 east from jeffersonville heading for va

Getting on 35 east to wv from Jackson

We have decided at the last minute to travel to Columbus, OH for Labor Day Weekend. We will be traveling I-64, US-35 and US-23. We will be leaving... Show more

mr.breeze I'll be traveling that same path! 5 months ago
jgallo9999 mr.breeze - Well, keep a lookout for a while GMC Terrain with WV License plates. By the way, any logo on your truck we could watch for? 5 months ago
danson commented on Sue's photo 5 months ago

Do U Need Help ?? LOL+

I run this route daily now. Hopefully I catch a good glimpse of something!

mr.breeze and 2 others have liked Group 5 months ago

And of course, I will be nowhere near there!

Cindy and I will be traveling I-64W to US-35N and US-23N to Columbus, OH sometime Saturday. I made a challenge to Cindy that if a trucker blew his... Show more

Driftin Ghost This sounds like an offer too good to pass up. Hope someone takes advantage of it! 6 months ago
mr.breeze If it were me I'd blow the horn like I was having a seizure. 6 months ago
jgallo9999 Just posted on the blog about the trip. 6 months ago

Tomorrow I’ll be headed out of Columbus Ohio south to i64 looking left

Headed across 35 to 64 today.. anyone out there

Flrty_bstrd replied to 64/35 7 months ago

Headed through today. Headed to Indy from NC.

Flrty_bstrd posted a new discussion7 months ago


I run through this area periodically. I am hoping, and looking forward (and left) to some great views.

64 west .wv.to 35 west Ohio
Scott007 replied to Any women flashing tomorrow? 10 months ago

Dallas was full of leg up in a hurry!

Scott007 posted a new discussion10 months ago

Any women flashing tomorrow?

3/26/18 i40 east Cookeville th to Knoxville then 81 North all the way to Hazelton pa tomorrow if you're out there. I'll be looking!

64 west .wv.to 35 west Ohio
Poindexteradd and kiwiddd have commented on Sue's photo 10 months ago


Sue added a photo to 64 west .wv.to 35 west Ohio album in 64 west .wv.to 35 west Ohio group 11 months ago

danson Do U Need Help ?? LOL+ 5 months ago

On 64 headed to 35!

Truckerjames commented on Sue's photo 1 year ago

Love those very nice

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