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Very hot! Love those nips!!

will be on I87 from kingston to albany tomorrow.wife will be on the look out for truckers to flash.will be stopping at:1) rest stop by mile marker 99.0 north bound2) Malden Travel Plaza 3) New Baltimore Service Area (north and south bound)return trip 4) rest area at mile marker 103.2 south bound5) ulster travel plazawe will be looking for a trucker to allow Karen to pose in cab
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Bubba replied to the topic 'How do you get a truckers attention' in the forum. 3 days ago

You wouldn’t have to work too hard to get my attention. If a lady waves at me I’ll automatically know something is up. Get a few cars behind you I’ll let you over in front of me then when the line clears fall back out in the left lane I’ll ease back up beside you and hoping the moment last for miles!!!


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That’s it !! I’m gonna start booking Fl. loads!

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Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!

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