The Rules
Avoiding Anarchy. Please Follow the Rules

1) Although this is a site which deals with adult content, it is not a porn site & should not be taken, described, referenced or treated as such.

2) This is a female flashing forum. This site is for females flashing.

A) Posting pictures of, or topics related to, male genitalia &/or male flashing is not allowed.
B) Pictures of intercourse is also not allowed. If pictures of this nature are requested from another member, you may send those via pm or email. Those pictures or topics can not be posted or discussed within the open forum. Ladies will be allowed to post pictures that include sexual encounters that are related to flashing adventures only, but MUST be a private or Friends Only album.
C) Public Album Content:
Only pictures that are related to "flashing" can be placed in public albums.
This includes shots of ladies that indicate she is or is prepared to flash publicly.. a trucker or other people.
This also includes pictures of ladies flashing or prepared to flash in any public setting where other people are nearby. For example; a shoe store, a cafe or restaurant (for example under the table or above the table), a park or other area where other people are nearby, etc, etc.
D) Friends Only Album Content:

Any pictures that does not contain flashing in a public setting.
Pictures that are taken in your home, in the woods, in a corn field in a bathroom etc, etc. Any picture that isn't in a public setting. As well, pictures taken in a truck sleeper, etc. Those pictures are posing (not flashing) in a private setting & belong in a Friends Only Album.

3) Screen names can not include cursing, swearing, vulgar, nasty or otherwise offensive words, references or terms. There are way too many respectful options out there to use things like this. Any screen name found to be disrespectful will be deleted.

4) Screen names can not contain email or website address's or company/business names etc.

5) Cursing/swearing within the forum should be kept to a minimum. This also includes, vulgar, disrespectful language or references. This includes body parts. Please be respectful with these references

6) No comments or references that contain or insinuate any potentially offensive terms. This includes all racially, ethnicity or gender related subjects/topics.

7) No political or religion based topics will be allowed. These subjects usually lead to arguments & harsh feelings.

8) No trolling the forums. This includes non-relevant, disruptive, inciting posts or behavior.

9) No insulting, bashing, disrespecting, harassing or insulting other members. Every member has a right to his/her own opinion. YOU are not always right.

10) No insulting, disrespecting, arguing or “calling out” moderators or administrators... especially in the open forum sections. You are welcome to contact the mod or admin in a private message & state your opinion or defense but do so respectfully. Continuing to argue or to be disrespectful toward mods or admins will not be tolerated.

11) Please post in the correct forum section. Do not cross post your topic to multiple areas or sections.

12) Please keep posts on topic, there is no need to purposely post something that has nothing to do with the topic. Please try not to hijack a thread onto another topic. Please stay on topic relative to the thread title, primary question &/or specific subject.

13) Please refrain from typing in all caps or using text speak for example “gr8” or "l33t speak" (e.g. (***, @@@) especially in the subject lines.

14) Spam will not be tolerated. It will be deleted and the member posting it will be disciplined/banned.
If you have items to sell, start a thread in the relevant forum section. Any commercial/retail sales or promotions require a vendor account.
Note: If your first (and only) post is "check out my site" or any other link it WILL be deleted.

15) Any discussion on the topic of drugs must be conducted in a mature manner. No "who does what drugs?" posts are allowed. Best advice is do not discuss any illegal use of drugs. This includes the use of legal marijuana in the states where laws allow it. This will only drift over into illegal drug topics/subjects/posts.

16) Continuously debating a topic in a heated, insulting, inciting, argumentative, disruptive, disrespectful manner is not allowed. State your opinion & why. Its ok to go back & forth a few times but to continually argue or debate the subject & disrupt the thread, is a violation of this rule.

17) Do not post pics in every post. Only post pictures in threads/posts that are relevant to the topic & when it is reasonable to do so. Any member that continually posts pics in most or every post will be reprimanded & the pics will be removed.

18) Being Stupid: Being stupid is similar to trolling. Any otherwise disruptive activity that may not exactly violate a stated rule, but is clearly distracting &/or disruptive behavior/actions, i.e. posting things just to get a rise out of another member or entice another member into an argument or heated debate for example, but not limited to, can result in disciplinary action. Being Stupid: something that doesn't violate a rule specifically, but requires moderator action to resolve.

19) Don't post pictures that do not belong to you. If you do not own the copyright for an image it is not yours to post.

Please Note: We will remove inappropriate comments as soon as they are noticed but we cannot be held responsible for such comments. By using this site your recognize the potential for inappropriate comments and agree to hold the owners and staff completely harmless.

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