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It has been rumored that eating certain foods can have a knock on effect on the smell of your vagina. As a result plenty of women have tried munching on pineapple chunks in a bid to taste sweeter down below.

But does it really work?  While there’s no hard scientific evidence to suggest that eating fruit improves your vaginal scent, it is true that your diet has an effect on your nether regions.  Mary Rosser, MD, PhD, ob-gyn at Montefiore Medical Center in New York, told Women’s Health that certain foods can influence your vagina’s pH levels which in turn can change the smell and taste of it.

The best way to keep your lady bits fresh and healthy is to focus on maintaining a good pH balance, so try to eat foods with live bacteria and probiotics.

The health expert said: ”Yogurt with live and active cultures are probiotics and may be involved in helping the vagina maintain a healthy acidic pH and balance.”

Women should also beware of eating too much sugar because the sweet stuff can lead to thrush – and no-one enjoys having a yeast infection.  If you’re particularly concerned about your vagina’s pH levels, you might also want to lay off the red meat.

Family physician Djinge Lindsay, MD, MPH, said that it can throw off your normal balance and make your sweat smellier.

The doctor said: "A normal vagina is slightly acidic.

“There's some evidence that for certain people, some foods that are high in alkalines, like meat and fish, can possibly affect the odor."

But there’s no reason why you should stress out about how your vagina smells or tastes.

Dr Lindsay added: "Every woman's vagina is going to be slightly different.  The taste is also going to be different depending on who's tasting it and their taste buds."

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