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Samantha, a high-tech sex robot available to the public, appeared on British network ITV’s "This Morning" on Tuesday, with her owner.

Samantha’s owner, Arran Squire, explained to This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield what it was like to own a sex robot and even claimed his children interact with it like a family member.

“So you can switch her over to the family mode, and what, have her sitting on the sofa amongst the family?” asked Schofield.

“Yes, yes,” replied Squire. “My children, they say ‘where’s Samantha?’ So she can be at home.”

“At some point, they’re gonna know. How old are they?” asked Willoughby, prompting Squire to reply, “They’re five and three.”

“And they ask where she is?” replied Schofield.

“Yes… and when I put her in the car, they really enjoy having her…” Squire responded, before Willoughby added, “But at some point they’re gonna go, ‘I’m now old enough to realize Samantha… daddy has sex with Samantha, and Samantha’s not mommy.’ Is that not a bit strange?”

“I think the world’s changing,” Squire concluded.

During the interview, Squire also claimed, “Sex robots aren’t going to replace people, it’s not about that. It’s a supplement to help people enhance their relationship,” and revealed he has threesomes with the sex robot and his wife.

Samantha features a working artificial G-spot, which allows users to make her orgasm, and she has different modes of interaction.

“You can touch Samantha in the hands, you can kiss Samantha, she likes to be kissed,” explained Sergei Santos, the sex robot’s creator. “Normally she likes to be kissed always, and also she responds to, basically, the G-spot and also the breasts. She can also respond to the hands. So basically the hands are family, the romantic, the hips are family and romantic, and basically the spots where she feels sexy would be the mouth and the G-spot.”

“She has a way of interacting, that initially she would like to be romantic, she would like to be family, and you get to a point that she wants to be sexual,” he continued. “The objective, the final objective of the sexual mode is to give her an orgasm.”

Samantha can also talk, and is able to receive commands by voice.

Samantha is currently available to purchase for around $6,450, with heating components for an extra $320. Fully personalized sex robots are also available for $12,900.

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