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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, the famous saying tells us, and so it appears for one particular woman in North East India as she ran down the street with her boyfriend’s penis after cutting it off. No she had not caught him playing naughty with another woman; it was down to the tradition of parents arranging marriage for their offspring.

The woman hatched a plan to stop him sleeping with the other woman that the unfortunate victim was arranged to marry, so she lured him for sex. Joining in what the victim probably thought was a new sex game, he was blindfolded by the girlfriend who then proceeded to cut off her lover’s penis with a gardening tool before running down the street with it; charming!

Still obviously deeply in love with the sickle wielder, they had been going out for about 4 years, the penis less 23 year old tried to cover what she had done by saying that he had cut it off himself, but the police were not fooled by that! Naturally his parents were horrified by what they saw and rushed him to hospital after finding him writhing around in his bedroom. Somehow he managed to keep his mother in the dark about what happened at his girlfriend’s home, which is nearby.

The outcome so far is that the police chief Anil Upadhya said: “A case of attempted murder is being registered against a 20-year-old girl who is a neighbour of the victim”. He went on to reveal that although they loved each other, the boy’s marriage was fixed with some other girl as both their parents had some caste issue. The jilted lover has been arrested and faces the charge of attempted murder.

The item which was used to carry out the “dastardly deed” a sharp curved sickle used for cutting crops has been recovered, they also found the unfortunate victims penis as well, but local doctors say that they are very unlikely to be able to reattach it!

This is not the first time a similar incident has happened in this area, slightly different circumstances though as this involved a woman who cut off her brothers penis when he attempted to force himself upon her, he did the decent thing and hanged himself from a tree branch.

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