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India can get really crazy when it comes to dealing with sex. Though there are no sex laws as such, there is one thing that is strange in India.....

Sbizzare sex lawsex before marriage is considered a sin in many sections of the society. Though, there has been much progress now, there are still some people who strongly believe in this and save their virginity till they get married. Now this was about India and it isn’t as strange as it seems. Why do we say so? Because there are several countries in the world that have some really bizarre sex laws.  Some laws are downright outrageous and some are pretty hilarious. So, if you are planning to travel to any of these places, please do not forget to keep these laws in mind.

1. Sleeping naked in Minnesota is illegal
In some parts of Minnesota, USA, sleeping naked is considered illegal. So if you are into naked sleeping, you obviously do not want to visit this place.
2. Having an erection publicly, in some parts of Arizona and Ohio is illegal
Now nobody really wants to spot an erection when causally walking down a street. However sometimes it can be accidental and should be okay right? No! In Arizona and Ohio, having an erection publicly is illegal. We are wondering what the punishment for this is.
3. No kissing allowed in Dubai, do it only if you want to be arrested
Holding hands will be tolerated but if a couple is spotted kissing in Dubai, they can be arrested. It is considered to be an offence to public decency. Kissing, hugging, cuddling in Dubai will bring a lot of strange glances from people around.  The jail time is ten days for people caught. And if you are caught kissing while drunk, your jail time can go up to a year.
4. Having sex with a male animal is illegal in Lebanon
We know what you are thinking. Having sex with a female animal is accepted in Lebanon, nut not with a male. This is one of the most bizarre and disgusting sex laws ever. So it is okay to have sex with animals in Lebanon, the only rule is that the animals should be females.  Well OK then.
5. In Colombia, a mother must be present to witness her daughter’s first night sex
Even the thought of this makes you sick. However it is normal and legal in Colombia. A mother is compulsorily expected to be present when her daughter consummates her marriage. How can they ever have sex knowing there is somebody watching, especially when it is your mother? So weird right!
6. In another part of Colombia, a man can kill his cheating wife
If a man catches his wife cheating he is allowed to murder her and it is called as the excusable act of passion. The husband can kill only if he personally witnesses his wife in a sexual act with somebody else. A crime that is not considered as one because unfaithfulness is not tolerated in this country!
 bizzare sex laws
7. Masturbating in Indonesia can give you 32 months of imprisonment
In Indonesia, there have been several cases where men have been caught masturbating and they have been punished. There were various reports that suggest the punishment for masturbation in this country is death by decapitation, however it turns out the punishment is 32 months of imprisonment. We think even that is pretty extreme.
8. In Bahrain, doctors are not supposed to look at female genitals
Bahrain, a Middle Eastern country has this strange law which says that male doctors are not supposed to look at a female genitalia directly. He has to use a mirror and look at the reflection of the genital. He is allowed to examine female patients, interact with them, but not look at their genitals.

bizzare sex laws

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