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We read on numerous occasions from people complaining about CCTV and the “Big Brother” syndrome, but we can report that there is a woman that will be always grateful for the use of these cameras that she had installed into her home.

We have reported previously about the sexual behavior by some men, usually this is for self-gratification, but on this occasion the motive is not entirely clear, unless it is some form of petty revenge. The cameras caught Willis Gene Burdette, 72, masturbating and at the critical moment ejaculating into the woman’s orange juice, which was cooling in the refrigerator ready for breakfast. To ensure that it was well mixed, he shook it and replaced into the fridge, orange juice with bits anyone?

Well naturally he was reported to the police who removed the orange juice, complete with additive, and then Jackson Township Police Department proceeded to arrest the offender and charge him with burglary and contaminating a substance for human consumption.

The indictment reads that: “he did knowingly mingle a biological substance and/or harmful substance, to wit: semen, with a drink, when he knew or had reason to believe that the drink may be ingested or used by another person.”

Well you cannot argue with that, and we look forward with interest to see how the defense lawyers answer that one, we will try to keep you informed, unless of course he just admits it.

There really are some odd people, especially when it involves sexual activity, would you not agree?

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