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There has been millions of researches on sexual psychology and still it’s a highly controversial topic to talk about. Human sexuality is complicated and vast and this might surprise most of you but when it comes to sexual fetishes and eroticism, humans have no boundaries at all! Now we’ve come to learn that sexual stimulation is not only limited to pornographic materials or opposite sex, but also other strange things like trees or machines and even bugs, of which people have strong sexual fetish.

So, without wasting any time, check out below the 10 weirdest and strangest sexual fetishes you never knew even existed!
It’s a sexual attraction to teddy bears! No wonder why most girls love teddy bears.

2. Dendrophilia:
A sexual condition where you develop sexual attraction to trees. It does not mean the person with this fetish has sex with a tree but enjoys having sex next to a tree. Still it sounds weird!
3. Agalmatophilia:
A sexual arousal seeing statues and mannequins. Well may be because of their perfect body shape or may be they won’t run away after sex, people might get aroused by them!

4. Mechaphilia
Mechanophilia is a sexual attraction to machines, particularly from cars. Getting kinky with car sounds pretty dangerous but we’ve heard cases like that!

5. Psychrophilia:
Psychrophilia is a sexual fetish of cold weather or getting aroused from freezing objects or watching something freeze. No wonder why John Snow, The King of The North gets the ladies moaning every time!
6. Urophilia
Any one who has this fetish is either nasty as hell or pretty much drunk! It’s a sexual arousal from seeing someone peeing or urinating on them.
7. Podophilia
It’s another weird fetish that people have a seeing feet or toe. A sexy toe might help you get a date tonight!
8. Necrophilia
Who knew a dead body would not only scare you but stimulate you sexually! Strange world, isn’t it?
9. Lithophilia
Arousal to stone and gravel. But we bet, that might really hurt!
10. Exhibitionism
It’s an arousal to displaying one’s sexual organs in public. It’s kind of a pervert fetish, honestly!

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Exhibitionism is weird ? Isn't this a site for that very thing? Or is it just weird when guys do it? I always thought it was a double standard.......just saying!

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