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There has been millions of researches on sexual psychology and still it’s a highly controversial topic to talk about. Human sexuality is complicated and vast and this might surprise most of you but when it comes to sexual fetishes and eroticism, humans have no boundaries at all!

Angela Demir, 28, has been in the cam girl industry for over six years and has worked for several sites.  The Argentinian beauty began casting for TV shows and posing for modelling agencies before starting a career in the cam world.

Most of us have had sex somewhere other than at home in bed at least once in our lives.  We are all interested in sex in strange places so a little research revealed the following.

There’s no wrong way to read Playboy’s new coffee table book of naked ladies. You can breeze through the encyclopedic collection of centerfolds in chunks, stopping when a shiny lower lip or well-groomed clitoral hood catches your interest.