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11 August 2016
Interstate Flashing
Public Flashing
Mrs. Ghost and I hadn't had any flashing fun in a couple of months. Damn schedules and real world BS. We hadn't planned on having any this weekend, but as with most good things, it just happened. We h...
15 January 2016
Interstate Flashing
Public Flashing
We have been doing this flashing thing for a long time now.  Looking back on it I can’t really remember exactly how or when we started doing it but if I do recall I know it wasn’t an intentional ...
24 October 2016
Public Flashing
Was 18 at the time; I was taking shower when I heard the door ringing....
02 June 2016
Interstate Flashing
Public Flashing
 I am relating an incident that happened last summer while I was driving south bound on Hwy 101 and having some fun teasing truckers, with the last truck having both a driver and co-driver passen...
03 February 2016
Public Flashing
I took my wife to the local pizza parlor to eat.  We decided to sit in a booth.  The place wasn't very busy and there was an older couple sitting at another booth.

Super Bowl (NFL)

1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #134 by Rumbleseat
Rumbleseat replied the topic: Super Bowl (NFL)
I was unable to watch even one minutes of the game. I know, now, that the Patriots mounted a second half effort heretofore unseen in Super Bowl history. With so many of our breathtaking ladies getting involved and placing various wagers on the outcome, I fervently hope to see many, many of these beautiful babes either celebrating in various stages of undress, and ,those whose team wound up on the other side of that outcome making good on the obligations due to losing said wager.

Had we anticipated the game going into OT, I'm positive we could have come up with suitable arrangements.

Having said all that, I must acknowledge and praise any and all of you folks who managed to set up these bets and (especially) those members who are the reason for our community's existence... Our magnificent ladies! So, TC Dani, Hotbloodedbabe, Dee Ann, and all the rest of you..
Let's see the results!
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The following user(s) said Thank You: Hotbloodedbabe

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