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Location: Southbound Kennebunk, Maine service area

Date: January 2003 (I think)
Time: Around 2100
Weather: 6 below zero

I was getting ready to hit the bunk and had moved to the passenger seat to close the cab curtains. I noticed a white van parked next to me pointing in the opposite direction with the interior lights on. Upon closer observation, I saw that the van was occupied by two people - a man approaching middle age and a woman.

road headHe was in the driver's seat while she was on her belly with her knees in the passenger seat and her face buried in his lap. She was wearing a beige bra and black stretch pants. I saw him glance up to see if I was watching. He must have told her that I was, because her oral efforts intensified. This went on for several minutes before the lights went off and they began to pull away. Oddly, though, they stopped alongside my trailer and parked. The only thing I could see, due to the dark tinted windows in the rear area of the van, was the glow from a cigarette's ashes occasionally being flicked through the partially open passenger side window.

Presently, they returned to the side of my cab and the lights came back on. She was once again face down and going to town. Gone were her bra and pants, leaving her wearing only a skimpy pair of beige panties. I could tell that her tits were more than ample by the way they bulged out past the sides of her chest with every downstroke of her head and mouth. His hand was underneath the fabric of her panties, stroking and kneading the flesh of her ass. Needless to say, this was quite a show. Again, after a while, the lights went off and they took position beside my trailer. After the requisite cigarette, they came back to their original place beside me.

When the lights came back on, she was still at ir, though she was completely nude now. His hand was already caressing her ass, occasionally giving it a quick slap, causing it to jiggle beautifully. He also started to stroke his fingers up and down the crack of her ass, spreading her cheeks from time to time, making sure that I was getting a really good view. As had become the usual, after a bit, it was cigarette time.

As she smoked her cigarette, I wondered if they would return and what the show might entail if they did. I didn't have to wait long for the answers.

They, once again, parked beside my vantage point, but what I saw had changed significantly. When the lights came back on, she was no longer face down in his lap. In fact, I have no idea what her face was doing, since it was covered by a baseball cap. The rest of her, however, was well and beautifully displayed. She was leaning her back against his side, giving me a great view of her pear-shaped, dark nipple tipped tits. Her legs were spread wide enough that I could see bits of glistening pink through her, apparently, untrimmed hair. Presently, her companion slipped a finger or two between her lips to give her clit some attention. By the heaving and swaying of her tits, I could tell that she was enjoying every bit of it. In short order, his fingers found their way into her. Almost immediately, she drew a deep breath and froze in that position, with her back arched and her tits thrust up and out. When she finally took another breath, it was in the short, staccato gasps of a woman whose ecstasy was still coursing throughout her body. I watched as she enjoyed the last, lingering sensations...then...the lights went off. This time, however, the van remained parked outside my window. Since the windows were so darkly tinted, I could only assume that they had retired to the rear of the van. From the rocking of the van, the pleasure giving was now mutual and simultaneous. I don't think I have ever tried so hard to see through window tint in my life. When the movements of the van ceased, the lights stayed off, then they resumed their position beside my trailer. My mind was awash with the possibilities of what I might witness upon their return to cab-side. Alas, this was not to be. Once the cigarette glow returned to the window, they drove off into the frigid night.

After that night, I never passed that service area without at least pulling through, no matter whether it was day or night, in hope of spotting that white van with the dark tinted windows

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