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This past weekend we decided to travel to Columbus, OH to visit Cindy's sister and her husband.  John is a lot older than Cindy's sister Mary.  He is in his 70's and a retired over the road truck driver, but will occasionally make a short run for his former employer if he is short on drivers.

As usual, once we were on the road I unbuttoned Cindy's blouse so I could play with her boobs and maybe give some lucky truckers a view.  It seemed that most of the truckers weren't paying any attention, but a couple got a good long view.

Cindy had apparently dozed off or at least had her eyes closed.  I was driving in the left (passing) lane and we got stopped at a traffic light.  I noticed a big truck pull up on our right.  The light seemed to take forever to change and I knew if the trucker looked, he would have a good view.

Well, the light finally changed but the car in front of us was  didn't seem in any hurry, permitting the trucker to stay beside us.  Cindy opened her eyes and looked up at the trucker, then immediately pulled her blouse closed to cover her boobs and said that it was John driving the truck.  I asked her what she meant and she said it was John, her sister's husband driving the truck beside us.

We were finally able to pull ahead of the truck and continue our trip to Columbus.  Cindy seemed a little shaken up and wouldn't let me open her blouse anymore.  She was concerned what John might say something and also that he would tell her sister.

When we got to her sister's house, John hadn't gotten home yet.  Mary told us that John's old employer had called and asked John to make a short run to Huntington, WV and back.  That he had a load that had to go but that he didn't have any available drivers.

A couple of hours later John got home.  I could tell that Cindy was worried he was going to say something, but fortunately he didn't.  When Mary asked how his trip was, he said it was ok, that the scenery was nice as he smiled at Cindy.

The rest of the evening went smooth.  

On the way back home Sunday, Cindy told me that after we all had gone to bed Friday night that she got up to get a drink of water.  She said that when she got to the kitchen that John was sitting at the kitchen table in his undershorts.  She said he told her that he enjoyed the view today.  She said she asked him not to tell Mary.  She said John told her that he wouldn't if she was nice to him.  He said he wanted to see her tits if she didn't want her sister to know about today.  Cindy said she pushed the straps to her gown off her shoulders baring her tits to John.  She said John then pulled her down on his lap.  She said she tried to get up but John held her tight.  She said she didn't want to raise her voice, afraid she would wake her sister up.  She said John then fondled her bare tits with his big hands (By the way, John is a big man, probably at least 6'5" and probably weighs around 270).  She said John commented about how hard her nipples had gotten.  She said she decided to let John play with her boobs so he wouldn't tell her sister and that it actually felt good.

She said that after a while John began to kiss her and run one of his hands up under her gown.  She said he commented that her panties were wet.  John then turned her around on his lap facing him.  She said he began sucking on her nipples.  She said she was shocked when she felt John pulled the crotch of her panties aside and felt his hard cock against her pussy lips.  She said John then  put his hands on her waist and lifted her up and then lowered her onto his hard cock.  She said that she has to admit that for a man in his 70's, that John surprised her.

By the way, on the trip home, the few truckers that looked got a nice view.

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Reading this was a turn on. Thanks for sharing the experience .... both of you!!

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I thought that was very hot., looking for John to be much bolder at Future family gatherings. Will he be welcomed?

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