Our Staff Writer Tell Stories of Her Life

Planes landed and took off, it was typical for an airport as busy as this one. Passengers wandered about waiting for the call, checking the boards and hoping that their flight would not be listed among those which were to be delayed. Delays were inevitable with the skies as busy as they are, breakdowns, problem passengers and late flight crews were only part of the reason, an occasional terrorist alert would put everyone on edge, raise security and slow the whole process causing even more delays.

I sat at the bar enjoying a good Jamaican Rum mixed in equal parts with Buttershots, a pleasant drink but not one for the unwary - it could sneak up behind you and deliver a nasty blow to the skull right where it meets the spine. The unwary usually wake with a hangover, a missing wallet and a Police Record.

The Bartender asked if I would like another.

I considered this for a second or two and decided that this was no time to shirk my duties. There is far too much Rum in the world and someone has to be responsible for removing as much of it as possible.

"What are you drinking?" the voice was sweet, coming from my right although I hadn't noticed anyone previously. There was a game on the large Flat Screen in the left corner behind the bar which kept even my peripheral vision from seeing her; which was a shame because she was gorgeous.

Long dark hair and not a small amount of mystery hidden behind her captivating eyes. The smile on her lips and the furrow in her brow gave me the impression this was a serious question so I maintained a serious air, she was a serious babe in anyone's book and my brain sent a message to my cock.

"Here we go again Snakey."

Snakey was always miserable in these situations. "I can't see shit from down here, he's wearing pants. Kinda makes it hard to see anything remember?"

"Yeah," said Brain, "I get all the information, you get none of it until it's time for you to go to work, then you get the best of it so don't give me a hard time."

"Speaking of hard time, how many times have I been scrubbed raw by his hands instead of the silky wetness of a pussy? Brain, it's time you suggested some lotion."

"Right, I feel your pain." Brain responded.

All I felt was a twinge and my cock spasmed enough to let me know he was ready if needed.

"Hi!" I said offering a hand. "My name is Ted."

"Susan." she answered shaking my hand lightly and smiling brightly.

"Let me order you one, you can see for yourself. It's a mix of Rum and Buttershots." I told her.

"Butter' what?" she laughed.

"It's a Butterscotch drink, highly alcoholic but the best thing if you are facing a long, boring flight."

She didn't answer immediately so I ordered one for her. The bartender bought the drink in double quick time.

We talked for a while, she was a great conversationalist smiling quickly and laughing easily. We were both headed to the States, I was going home and she was interviewing for a position in New York. As it turned out we were both on the same flight and I wanted to ask what seat she would be in. The odds against us being assigned seating next to each other would be very high so to avoid disappointment on my part I kept the question to myself.

Susan was a beautiful woman and I had to work hard to keep my voice even and controlled. Here I was talking to someone who any man would love to have on his arm. This vivacious brunette was every man's dream. She had a scent about her, more than whatever perfume she had sprayed after her shower this morning, it was something else. It was primal and made my brain send more and more messages to my cock which was not so hard that I couldn't stand without giving the game away but it was getting there. I am sure that any other guy in the room, including the bartender would envy me my situation.

Half an hour before boarding we left the bar and followed the herd towards our gate. Susan dragged a suitcase on wheels and I managed my pull along my wheeled bag with the extendable handle. I thought about offering to take her bag for her but while I would have liked to get to know her better, right now I knew little about her and nothing beyond what she had told me. In an airport someone will eventually ask if you packed your own bag or has it been out of sight, so I left chivalry behind as we made our way to the gate.

"Sorry Folks." It was the last part of a Statement and everyone at the gate stood and gathered their bags.

We had missed the announcement given verbally by a woman in a flight uniform but the content missed was obvious in the retelling as we looked at the announcement board above the gate.

"Flight Cancelled." It read.

I spoke to the pretty flight lady and learned that the aircraft had to be taken off line but another would be provided the following morning. She said we had a choice of waiting until the morning or taking another flight which could be arranged at their desk. Either way we had to go to the desk and let them know our decision.

Susan looked dismayed.

"Does this hurt your chances in New York?"

She looked surprised that I would be concerned. "Not really, I planned to take a look around first. The interview isn't for two days."

"Cool." I said actually feeling some relief for her, "It really sucks that they do this but I suppose it is better than being on a plane with a broken rubber band."

She laughed and we began the trek to the Airline's Desk to make arrangements.

Susan was a little annoyed when the attendant told us that most of the other flights that day were already full so in the end we both elected to take the following mornings flight.

"It happens." I suggested realizing that it was really a dumb thing to say.

Susan looked concerned, "This isn't in the budget. I hadn't planned for a Hotel expense here, I was supposed to be in New York and I have a room there."

"As I said, it happens, and more often than you would think. My company requires that we have insurance for this kind of thing, so the Airline pays for my Hotel tonight."

"That's good for you but it really doesn't help me." Susan moaned.

"Hey look," I began, "I know we don't really know each other but you could share my room if you like. I will respect your privacy I promise."

"No hanky panky?" She said?

"No hanky panky, I promise." I answered wishing I hadn't.

"Well what a shame that would be." She laughed.

My throat went dry and for a moment I didn't know what to say, actually I don't think I was capable of speech at all so I bent and picked up her bag. It wasn't as heavy as it had looked so I carried it and dragged my own without effort.

A Taxi at the curb delivered us to "The Airport Hotel", I shudder to think how long it took to come up with that name. I noted happily that at the bottom of "The Airport Hotel" sign there was a notation, "by Hilton." Good, this is a decent hotel.

It was indeed a nice Hotel. I checked in and Susan joined me at the Elevator. We rose together without speaking, arriving at the seventh floor in only a short time. Our room wasn't close to the elevator but after walking this way and that, despite reading the room direction signs, we finally arrived at our door and entered.

There were two beds, large and comfortable looking. I placed the luggage on the rack provided for that purpose and as men tend to do, checked the remote for the TV. Susan was at her ease and announced she would take a shower. I joked that if she needed her back done I would be happy to oblige but she didn't answer, just smiled. Watching her walk into the shower was a thrill, her ass swayed perfectly in her tight skirt. I had to wonder if she was exaggerating the swing but decided that she didn't need to exaggerate anything, she was naturally sexy, naturally likely to attract men and quite possibly the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

She closed but didn't lock the door. I found myself mentally walking in there to help her shower but instead of actually doing it I opened a bottle of free water.

My brain sent a message, "Hold on Snakey, he's a little unsure of what to do."

"Fuck you Brain, it's up to you to be sure what to do. Don't blame him, you are him."

Brain tried to get interested in a TV program before Snakey got too pissed (pun intended) off. The trouble with Brain is that he needs everything else to function. To move Brain needs legs, to touch Brain needs hands and so on. Now to become interested in a TV program Brain needed eyes and they were a little crossed after watching that sweet ass walk into the bathroom. A Brain could get a headache from this shit.

I sat on the bed. It was the one closest to the window because I liked the view, not because it was farthest from the door so that Susan would be closer should the Boogie Man stop by.

The show was one of the CSI spinoffs, good but basically the same as all the others with different people and gear. I wasn't getting into it too much because my eyes weren't quite aligned. If I were wearing glasses, I might clean the steam off them but as I don't and no contact lenses are involved I determined that Susan had really messed up my natural equilibrium. She was one hot box of rocks and she was in the shower right now rubbing soap or something all over her body. When I come back I want to be a bar of her soap, that would be a good thing.

I heard the shower water running and let my imagination run with it, there's no harm in imagining is there? Somehow as she washed everything slowed down, it was a very sexy scene too, in Technicolor with clouds of steam and soft music. Susan stood in the shower naked as the day she was born. Her nipples erect, pussy shaved perfectly, lips pouting. Her mouth was slightly open showing a perfect line of teeth which gleamed in the stream of hot water that played over her face. Her dark hair didn't stick to her body, it flowed with it, directing the wash of water down her back and along the crack of her gorgeously edible ass.

I felt the familiar twinge in my pants and heard the shower water slow then stop. As I adjusted my Toga I changed my mind, deciding that I want to come back as her towel. I took a long pull from the water bottle and waited. Fuck, I had actually missed her and she was only in the shower, just a few feet away.

She opened the shower door but didn't come out right away. I didn't want to appear a pervert so I continued to look at both TV's each of which were showing the same program and had the same audio track, which I couldn't hear clearly owing to something large blocking my ears. I wasn't sure how it had happened but I knew that there was indeed a large vase - with flowers, two chocolate bars and something else soft and comfortable in both ears.

The aroma of shower air and lotion came to me; always a pleasant scent. I tried to look at the full length mirror in the hallway to the shower but it didn't align with the door. I couldn't see a reflection. I didn't mind respecting her but having if forced on me by an interior decorator’s whim, to mount the mirror two feet too far to the left was annoying.

Susan came out of the bathroom and I suddenly couldn't breathe. She wore a skimpy pair of black panties which hugged her gorgeous form, she wore them perfectly and very sexily and she wore nothing else. Her breasts were stunning and were far superior to my imagined slow motion view. She was absolutely stunning and certainly not shy. She moved around the hotel room as if I wasn't there. When I say moved, that wasn't quite it, she flowed around the room. She could have been walking on tissue paper and not creased it in the least. She was amazing and as I watched I became aware that she was purposely avoiding my eyes. She knew I was looking; she knew I was enjoying but she wasn't letting on. I think she was enjoying it too, her lovely body swayed and swished then paused at the mirror with a hairbrush and began running it through her hair. The locks ran though the teeth of the brush and fell to her body, laying themselves over her shoulders and breasts.

I thought that I should go and take a shower too, a cold one, but upon rising I suddenly realized that my cock was very much alive and kicking. In fact, if it kicked any harder it would blast a hole in my pants. It was caught in my pants in such a way that it had to bend as I stood; it was too hard to bend so standing was almost painful. I reached into my pocket as I stood and eased the situation. Percy felt good in my hand through the pocket but I really needed a shower.

"My turn!" I stammered and walked behind Susan towards the bathroom. She smelled wonderful, fresh and steamy. She hadn't added perfume yet just a little lotion but her smell was intoxicating.

I closed but didn't lock the door. I stripped quickly and jumped into the shower which turned out to be a little too hot but which adjusted easily to a more comfortable ardor cooling temperature. Percy stood like a Marine against the cool water. Normally the thing dropped to half-mast in a shower but this time it didn't. A good place to hang a face cloth, or a bottle of shampoo, or if need be, a fucking Anvil? I was hard and staying that way, so hard it was actually uncomfortable.

"Snakey!! Hey Snakey!! What the fuck dude, easy now. You are taking too much blood from me, I'm a fucking brain and I need the blood!"

I washed and dried and decided that if Susan wanted to be relaxed, I would be too. So I strolled into the bedroom in my underwear and tried not to notice her. Payback is such a bitch. I posed myself in front of the same mirror Susan had used and used my comb to order the thick hair that needed cutting on my head. That's when I caught the sight of her in my peripheral vision. She was standing next to the bed looking at me. I looked at her reflection and realized that she was completely dressed. She was staring at me with a bemused look on her sweet face.

"What?" I asked.

"Do you know anywhere to eat around here?" She said.

Oh I knew where to eat and what I would have liked to have been on the menu. While I hadn't actually seen her pussy, I wanted it on my mouth, licking and probing with my tongue. I wanted to taste her and feel her and experience her. Damn my promise to be respectful.

"Not sure but we can look around if you like." I answered.

"Okay, let's go." she smiled.

I dressed quickly, putting my arm in the wrong hole in my shirt on the first try. Damn this bitch is playing me like a fucking toy, she is controlling my white ass and she knows who is in charge. She is in charge and you know what? I don't give a crap that she is. Let's see where this goes.

"Let's go eat Susan. A bottle of wine, great food and gorgeous company sounds like a good night out to me."

Susan smiled and gave me a very slight, almost unnoticeable nod.

I felt pleasant, and lucky, walking with Susan through the hotel hobby. I had a beautiful girl on my arm, although I wished I had her on my face, and walked into the cool air outside.

Susan is shorter than me by about six inches. Tonight she had dressed casually but the clothes she wore accentuated the positive, if you know what I mean, they were also summery clothes and it was a cool evening. Despite the coat she wore over the ensemble which no doubt kept out the cold from everything except the gentle breeze which had to be whistling up her legs to those amazing panties.

Ahead and across the wide street I could see our destination, a small but very friendly Italian Restaurant I had visited many times before.

"Signor Windslow, Weclome al nostro ristorante. E' meraviglioso vedere di nuovo."

The welcome was, as usual boisterous, "Guiseppe Sono molto contento di tornare per più del vostro buon servizio." I answered trying to place the emphasis on the right words.

Giuseppe could speak English as well as anyone born to the language but why would he. "Your table it is ready as you asked."

Giuseppe led the way into the restaurant moving easily between tables to one that offered a fine view of the well-kept garden to the side of the building well away from passing traffic in the street. Grape vines lovingly tended visible through the window gave the impression of privacy in an Italian Vineyard.

"You have been here before? It's just a guess." Susan quipped.

"Once or twice." I smiled. "I like it here and you will too. The food is wonderful and despite travelling to Italy often, I can't tell the difference between the food here and that served there. The family which operates this are true Italians. Giuseppe speaks English perfectly but Old Lady of the family, not a word!"

"It's very nice and I love Italian. Thank you for bringing me here."

"Well it seemed to me that I didn't have a choice, besides I had already called to reserve a table for two."

"You did? When"

"While you showered." I lied. Actually Giuseppe always greets me in this manner. He knows me to be a very good tipper so he treats me like that whenever I come here and especially with company.

Susan began to shrug off her coat so I apologized profusely at my bad manners and stood to help her remove it. As she squared herself in her chair I was given an opportunity to gaze down her cleavage. I had seen the whole display case earlier but now, with only part of the jewelry collection on display, it was very exciting and tempting.

"Are you enjoying the view?" She asked matter of factly.

I choked up for a moment averting my eyes and thought to apologize but quickly decided against it. "Actually yes?" It came out as a question, as if I were asking for permission. That wasn't what I was doing. So I tried to cast it off as a misunderstanding.

"What I mean is," I continued, "there was a cool breeze out there and I was worried that your legs might be cold. I was actually looking at your legs to see if they had goose bumps."

"Yes, of course you were." She challenged.

"The wind must have been uncomfortable for you, all the way up to those fine panties." I think I blushed.

She smiled and played with her napkin, or serviette as they call it over there. "No, I am okay with the cool weather, besides," she paused, "I removed the panties while you were in the shower."

I am used to controlling whatever situation I am in - business negotiations, I take the lead. Management meetings, listen to what I say and follow my instructions. The one situation where I am not in control is when the boss calls me into his office but that is understandable. - I am out with a woman, a gorgeous woman, I am in control! Or not?

I felt the familiar twinge in my loins.

"Hey Brain!"


"You do all the thinking around here so what do you think? Is he in control with her?"

"Fuck off and leave me alone Snakey, I'm a little dizzy up here. I think I might have a fear of heights."

She was watching me, waiting. "Okay, I am feeling a little uncomfortable right now. A little unsure of the territory I think. I said I would respect your space, no hanky panky."

She nodded apparently expecting more although I wasn't sure what more there was.

"Well?" I paused and swallowed. "What are you plans, er, wishes for the evening?"

"My plans, let me see. Well first I plan to enjoy a fine Italian dinner, during which I will share a wonderful white wine of your choosing. Then we will, together, enjoy a stimulating conversation and I will let you pick the subject. Afterward we will return to the hotel and I will fuck your brains out. Any questions?"

"No Ma'am, not a one." I stared at her for what seemed like an eternity and watched the edges of her lips curl upwards almost unnoticeably. Then the wine waiter arrived like a breath of heaven. Now I could be in charge again although I suspected it would only last a short while.

Susan ate delicately, it was almost as if she wasn't doing more than nibbling around the edges but the meal before her disappeared as effectively as if she had upended the plate and poured it into her mouth. A drop of gravy remained at the edge of her lips which was quickly retrieved by a very skillful tongue which snapped between her lips gathering the errant gravy before it could be lost.

"You must have been hungry." I said.

She smiled and looked with her eyes slightly dipped. "You wouldn't believe how hungry I am."

I felt the familiar twinge in my nether region which I had always thought was my body letting me know, "All ready when you are Captain." All I had to say was, "Warp Speed!" Except that my personal preference was slow and easy.

"Brain? Come in Brain?"

"Yeah, what now?" Brain was becoming agitated. "Why do you insist on interrupting me when I am enjoying a show? You should have seen her tongue go for that drop of gravy. It was a wonder to behold."

"Yeah?" Said Snakey, "You are above the table. You should see the view under the table. I only have one eye but it’s really getting an eyeful right now."

"Snakey, you are a real dick!"

"Isn’t it the truth, isn’t it the truth."

"Dessert?" I asked. I could see that she gave it a moment of consideration but it was only that, a moment.

"I think I have had enough." She said. That was wonderful and you surprised me, I had expected nothing more than a simple meal, maybe a bottle of wine but this was very nice. Thank you."

I smiled and bowed slightly from the waist. "You are welcome." Then signaled for the waiter.

The air had turned cold by the time we stepped outside, Susan took my arm and pulled it close gathering warmth from our proximity. A first tender moment?

The clerk behind the Hotel desk smiled and nodded as we walked slowly through the lobby. There was an elevator waiting, its doors already open so we stepped inside. I pressed the button for our floor and the door slowly closed.

Suddenly she was on me, I felt I was under attack but I didn't resist too much. Her hands were all over me, she was aggressive and yet gentle all at the same time. She knew what she wanted, knew how to get it and was taking it. My illusion of control evaporated.

Her lips brushed quickly over mine, her hands were on me, everywhere. I tried to respond which she allowed for only a moment. My tie was loosened, the top button of my shirt popped off under pressure. She pushed herself against me, slamming me into the doors. Her breasts heaved, my cock bulged and there was a slight scent in the elevator which encouraged us both.

The doors opened, catching me by surprise. Susan laughed as I nearly fell through. It wasn't our floor, another couple waited outside but Susan didn't stop, reaching down and grabbing my engorged cock through my pants which were barely restraining me. The couple outside took a second to realize what they were actually seeing. He looked shocked and she smiled slightly. Before the doors closed Susan dropped to her knees, freed my cock and took it in her mouth. The feeling was wonderful and I saw the woman outside smile broadly, sexily, her eyes wide with wonder and sexual consideration.

Susan sucked my cock until the doors opened again. She was very good at it but kept me under control. She released me as the doors opened, took my arm and dragged me into the passageway towards our room. My cock was erect, pushing hard through my fly which was wide open because I was unable to get my cock back in. Damn I was hard!

"Brain! Slow down! It's fucking windy out here."

"Wheeeee!" Said Brain!"

Seeing the state of my loins, Susan let go of my hand and grabbed my cock. "Keep up or loose it!" She teased.

As we entered the room she began peeling off clothes, stepping out of them as she closed the distance to the bed. Completely naked she kneeled on the bed facing me and helped me to strip. She was almost violent, almost but it was hard to keep buttons on my shirt. She was pulling my pants down but with the top button still engaged it wouldn't pass my hardness. This bitch was eager.

Finally, she was naked and jumped back onto the bed and lay flat on her back.

"Come on." She groaned. "No fucking around, just fuck me hard. I need it now."

I didn't need any second telling. Sliding between her legs she took my manhood and guided me into her wet slit. It was soaked and entry was easily the silkiest I have ever had. She swallowed me and I became aware that more was going on down there than I had felt before. Sure I was hard, hell even I was impressed, but her pussy was working me. She wasn't moving but her pussy seemed to be alive. It was moving, squeezing me and oh my goodness, it was sucking my cock!!

I looked into her eyes and saw that she knew I was feeling it. She smiled a little and then her eyes rolled back. I trust deep and hard, withdrew a little and felt her suck me back in. I had no idea where she had learned this little skill and wasn't going to start a conversation now. It was wonderful.

She was moaning and pushing against me. If there was anyone next door there was no chance they hadn't hear us. She moaned louder and I pushed deeper, withdrew again, her ass lifted so I reached around the support it for- I am such a fucking gentleman. Again she sucked me in but I tried to resist and felt her vagina ripple along my cock. It was such a wonderful feeling I felt a sensitivity in the head and knew I was close. Not yet dammit. Not fucking yet!!

I lifted her higher and launched deep, she squealed and reached up at me so I took her arm and pulled her to me. She was sitting on me, my cock deep inside her. She rode me a little slower and my pending orgasm which would have been way too soon for her subsided. She knew it was coming and controlled the event. Fucking bitch - she's taken control again.

Lifting herself this time she laid her head on my shoulder and lowered herself slowly, rippling her inner self as she did making me suck my sphincter into my colon. It was heady for me but she was enjoying herself. I decided to leave her in control for now.

She bit my shoulder hard and squeezed my cock again rising and lowering. When I was as deep as I could go I felt her shudder and knew she was about to explode. Her body began to shake so I squeezed her ass, my fingers sliding along the cleft of her fabulous ass. One finger found her asshol and that was it. She squealed again, arched her back and flooded my lap with a gush of girl squirt the likes of which I haven't experience before. I thought that perhaps she was pissing on me.

She rode me hard though her orgasm, sucking my cock until finally I couldn't hold off and came into her like a geyser squirting cum deep within her. The heat of my blast rocked her into another orgasm a little gentler this time. Her body quaking, she held my face, kissing me deeply as I rocketed more cum into her. Again her pussy ejected a stream of warm liquid which I felt run over my legs and onto the bed.

As she kissed me I could feel her asshole against the tip of my finger, it pushed against me as my orgasm subsided, she was soaked and so was I. My finger moved into her ass and circled gently, slowly. She tensed and another shudder ran though her, she orgasmed again but in the way that an aftershock follows an earthquake. We stared into each others eyes while the last washed over her.

It is not by choice that after a good fucking I tend to fall asleep - tonight I was going to work very hard to see that it didn't happen. I wanted more of that cunt and I wasn't going to fall asleep and miss it.

We lay back on the bed, she curled up under my arm and draped her leg over me. Her pussy was still dribbling - I could feel it running down my leg to the bed.

"Where did you learn to do that with your pussy?" I asked.

"Did you like it?"

"Fuck yeah I liked it"

"Then it doesn't matter where I learned it, does it?"

"I guess not." I answered knowing that I would still like to know even though she probably would never tell me.

"Is that it?" She whispered.

"No, just give me a minute or two to recharge my battery."

"Triple A?" She giggled.

"Nope, Eveready 'D' rechargeable." I said and pulled her up to kiss me.

She fondled my manhood until it began to stir a little then moved herself down to lick it clean of our juices. It felt good and I began to rise to the occasion. She circled the head with her tongue and sucked it deep, I could feel her throat wrap around me - she didn't gag, she swallowed, twice and fondled my balls.

I reached for her ass which she helpfully moved closer. She had reacted well to my earlier probing so I ran my hands over that perfect roundness, allowing my fingers to slide slowly along her crack. I know she enjoyed it because she caught her breath which I felt from her arm which lay on my stomach and her breath which sucked around my cock. I also felt her suck my cock deeper into her throat although again, she didn't gag.

No gag reflex has to be an asset.

For the second time I felt my balls tighten and my shaft stiffened; I was about to blow. For some reason I wasn't pissed off when she again exerted control over me. My orgasm subsided and she sucked on my balls more roughly than I would have liked - it hurt a little but not enough to double me over in an effort to protect my boys.

She mounted me, sliding herself down the length of my shaft and rising holding her own breasts, pinching her own nipples. I had the feeling she didn't need me here except that I was attached. Again her pussy walls rippled along my shaft and I didn't recent being unnecessary. I watched as she rose and fell on me, forcing my rock hard cock to rub her inside exactly where she wanted it. I was watching a porn in more than 3D and it was a good one, even though the story sucked. With each slide down myself she sucked air into her lungs more and more loudly until finally her body vibrated and shook. She put her hands on my chest for stability and opening her yes stared into me.

I was so close but she hadn't let me go, now she commanded me with her eyes and I powered my cream deep into her. I didn't moan, didn't demonstrate my ecstasy just let it flow over me and squirt into her.

The corners of her lips curled in a smile; it wasn't a smile of satisfaction although her body emanated signs of that. This was the smile of the conqueror. The bitch had used me even though I didn't mind the fact. She enjoyed the sex, oh she enjoyed it but more than that she enjoyed conquering her mate. She took control and in doing so she won whatever game she was playing. To me it was a pointless exercise on her part, I would have fucked her for the asking or even without the asking. I wouldn't have raped her but seduction is so much fun and a part of the game denied to me tonight. That said, I wasn’t even slightly disappointed.

I smiled back at her trying to return the message with a "Hey, I got fucked good and don't give a shit about your games." I don't think I was successful.

I slept fitfully and woke in the morning to find Susan sucking on my cock again. I needed to piss so bad that I had trouble not pissing in her mouth. Perhaps I should have, that would have meant me demonstrating who was really in charge. I blew a load into her throat but it didn't feel very intense, which wasn't unusual for a morning BJ. Ah well, I got up and staggered into the shower. I had just finished pissing into the drain when Susan came in. I bathed her carefully and she returned the favor. It wasn't sexual but it was very nice, very relaxing. By the time we were done and drying each other I had a boner.

"You had better use that before it breaks." She said, bending over resting on the sink.

I obliged her, or was it obliging myself. I slid it into her wet pussy and pumped it until I heard her come and squirted another load into her. It wasn't romantic, it was barely sexual. It was relieving my cock and nothing much more.

Susan went back into the shower and washed up. I dressed and we enjoyed a light breakfast which was bannered "Continental". Bullshit, breakfast is supposed to be bacon, eggs, coffee and ... oh yeah, that was how I was woken.

We grabbed our stuff and headed back to the airport.

Mile High Club

Somehow were managed to get seats next to each other which was okay by me. Susan may be a sexual dynamo but she was also a pretty good conversationalist. I found myself looking forward to travelling together and as we sat in the same bar we had met in the night before I mentioned that this had been rather fast but as long as we were going to be in New York, perhaps we could meet again?

"That would be nice." She smiled. It wasn't one of her conquering smiles so I returned it.

"Good," I said, "Is this your first trip to New York?"

"Yes but not my first to America. I went to Florida once, when I was much younger, to see Disney World."

"A cool place," I said, "and just as much fun now that we are older. I have been as a kid and again as an adult."

"You have kids?" She looked surprised.

"No, not even married. I had a free day in Orlando and decided to fill it with Mickey Mouse."

She looked happy with the answer.

Our flight was called and we boarded without incident finding that we had three seats to ourselves. We were offered and accepted a glass of Champagne even though it was far too early in the day for drinking.

"I think that because there are datelines involved in flying around the globe, drinking a less than acceptable times becomes acceptable providing we cross into at least four different time zones." I suggested.

"That's your excuse?" She asked.

"Yes, and I'm sticking to it."

We enjoyed a few glasses of Champagne before takeoff which, added to the beers we had consumed in the bar, gave us both a pretty good buzz; the only way to fly. She was a little giggly and kept touching me, not intimately but in an overly friendly manner. I liked it.

I thought about renewing my membership in the Mile High Club and laying my hand on her lap gave her leg a gentle squeeze. She lay her hand on mine and moved it a little higher, her giggling added a level to the effect of the alcohol; I was light headed but in control.


“What now?”

“If he has another drink you might be in charge so hang in there okay? Brain’s messages were slightly garbled but Snakey had heard this before.

“Okay I’ve got this but less of the hanging word okay?”

“Got it.” Brain took longer than normal to answer which wasn’t surprising because even sober Brain didn’t like taking off.

The plane rose into the air pushing us both back into the seats; she kept her hand on mine high on her leg.

We were still climbing to our cruising altitude when the seatbelt lights turned off with a musical ‘dong’ accompaniment.

“Swap seats with me.” She said.

I slid under her to the window feeling her tight ass rub sensually over my lap. I had thought that she would prefer the window but I guess not.

“Comfortable?” I asked once she was positioned.

“I plan to be. I am going to get some sleep.”

“My fault I supposed. I had hoped to enjoy a stimulating conversation but perhaps I kept you awake to long last night?”

She smiled placing the small airline pillow on my lap and lay down, snuggling herself into a comfortable position.

“Should I wake you when it is time to eat?”

I heard her quiet laugh, felt the slight shake of her head and decided that perhaps I would do well to follow her to Slumberland and catch up on missed sleep myself.

The drinks cart arrived; I waved it away. The food cart arrived; I waved that away too. I read what little there was in the back of the seat in front of me; I had read it all before and leaned against the window. Looking out of the window I could see distant aircraft following the same course, the sky was full of planes expertly kept apart by people and computers on the ground. A complicated aerial ballet where a single misstep could mean disaster. Fascinating. I was always fascinated by it.

I must have slept because I woke with a start and for a moment didn’t know where I was. Recovering the memory, I tried to adjust in my seat but something was different to my normal waking moments. Something nice was wrong. I could feel movement under the blanket which lay over me; where had that come from? My cock was out and a very warm mouth was on it, sucking expertly. The memories I had tried to order when I woke had missing elements, now the whole picture filled itself in. I was in a plane with a beautiful woman who was sucking my cock. Sweet!

She was working slowly but with pressure in all the right places. One of the cabin crew walked by oblivious which gave me an extra thrill. The thrill would have been better if she had noticed; I doubt she would have done anything about it, more likely preferring to avoid a scene.

Her hand twisted up and down the shaft, her tongue worked friction on the head and I was getting very close. She hummed a demand, “Cum in my fucking mouth! I am in command; you have your orders. Feed me!”

Who am I to disobey such a sweet command. It was all I could do to remain still as I squirted into her mouth. She sucked gently, hardly moving but maintaining my orgasm. What a sweet woman this is. Thoughtful too, she cleaned me with her tongue, quietly slurping anything that had missed the intended target.

A man across the aisle glanced over catching my eye. He wore a knowing look on his face which I ignored. Susan left my cock hanging out of my fly but covered by the blanket as she sat up. She too caught the eye of the guy across the aisle answering his look with one of her own. She shrugged her shoulders and wiped something from her lip. The man returned to the magazine on his lap obviously excited.

The landing and clearing customs went without incident although we had to go our separate ways in the latter department. Not being American, Susan had to clear immigration. I stalled, hanging around to meet with her before going back to my life. I wanted to see Susan again, I was attracted to her in more ways than one. She was beautiful, a plus; she was sexy, another plus; she was very intelligent, an absolute, at least for me. Sex is a good thing but being able to hold a conversation is good between trips to Orgasm Central.

When she finally arrived she stood out from the crowd. The other passengers looked as if they had travelled and spent time sleeping in a chair. Susan looked as if she was ready to take on the world, confident and beautiful. I couldn’t help wondering if New York would destroy her as so many before.

“I have to run.” She said. “I have a big day tomorrow and need to take care of a few things first.”

“Ah yes, the interview.” I answered. “I would like to see you again if you don’t mind.”

She smiled and leaned forward kissing me on the cheek. “I am looking forward to it.” She whispered.

I gave her my card and watched her put it into her purse. She looked up and smiled. “Until next time then?” she said.

This time I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. It wasn’t a long passionate kiss but I received messages in the touch and hoped that she received mine.

We parted, her in a Yellow Cab and me in a Limo. I had offered her a ride but she politely refused.

Having checked in at the Office I took the rest of the day off. My plan to go jogging didn’t materialize because I made the mistake of laying on my bed. By the time I woke up it was dark but I was refreshed. I had dreamed of Susan and wondered if my long play at being a bachelor was coming to an end. I have been in love before – I think – this was a little different but if Susan would let me into her life I would see how far it went and accept the result, maybe.

Somehow I managed to sleep a little more before it was time to go to work. This was to be a busy morning, interviews until lunch but then golf in the afternoon. I smiled at the thought of Susan going to an interview but she wasn’t on the list of applicants I was to see this morning which was probably a good thing come to think of it.

My office is a dream come true for any executive, actually it’s two offices – one is the outer office where my secretary sits at her desk and is surrounded by a lounge area where people waiting for their appointments can relax. Nice. My office is huge, with views across New York which never fails to excite me. What a city this is.

I sat behind my desk reviewing the list of applicants until Amanda, my secretary, came in with a cup of coffee. It was my first of the day but definitely not my last. I had often thought about being fitted with an intravenous drip, pure caffeine dripping into my blood steam would keep me in the condition I needed to be no matter what I had been up to the night before.

The applicants were arriving outside and soon they enter my inner sanctum, one by one with pleasant smiles and a list of accomplishments and promises.

This morning I had to select a personal assistant for the big boss. It was a prime position for anyone who wanted to enjoy a measure of success in the Big Apple. It was a prestigious job with an apartment, cars and a whole slew of other benefits that came with being one on one with the big guy. Did I want the job? Not a chance – I am onto a good thing right here, close to the boss but not living on his lap. Nope, he preferred female company and that was my job today, find him the most qualified person.

The door opened suddenly surprising me as I took a sip of coffee.

“Susan?” I exclaimed.

Amanda followed her in apologizing for not stopping her at the desk. “It’s okay Amanda. This is Susan, a friend of mine.”

Amanda gave Susan a dirty look and closed the door behind her.

“Now this is a big surprise.” I said.

“A pleasant one I hope?”

“Certainly.” I offered. “Aren’t you supposed to be at an interview this morning?”

“Yes I am, it’s a pretty important interview and I didn’t want to be late.”

I was confused which was becoming a habit when I was with Susan. “What time are you supposed to be there?”

“Right now and right here.” She said reaching into her purse.

Walking back to my chair and making myself comfortable I waited to see what she was going to present. It was a small tape recorder. She pressed the button and I listened to the sounds of love making. My voice was groaning along with hers.

“So what?” I asked. “We fucked. Do you expect me to deny it or be worried by it? Is this blackmail? Surely you know it won’t work right?”

“I plan to let your guy know that you took advantage of me, that you made certain promises. I’m sure your reputation would suffer and the old man upstairs would not hold you in quite the high esteem you currently enjoy.”

I smiled and let her continue.

“With a ruined reputation perhaps you wouldn’t enjoy an office like this one.” She said looking around the office.

I interrupted. “I am not going to sit by and let you do him any harm, you know that at least.”

“I plan to let my femininity work on him. I want him to fall for me and I want him to want to marry me. Why not? He’s not so young and I don’t mind fucking him for a while, until his time on this plane is done and then it will all be mine.” She smiled. “Of course you will enjoy me in that role too. It can’t be bad for you can it? He has no heirs, nobody to challenge me. There will be a place for you in my life later.”

I thought about that and had to admit that it was an attractive proposition. “So our meeting wasn’t accidental after all?”

“Hardly.” She said, “I have planned this for a long time and even made an application for the job but was cut on the second or third round. Not sure. Anyway, I am here and it will do you no harm to at least give me a chance at the job?”

“A chance?” I frowned. “Do you have any idea what you will be taking on?”

“I know absolutely what I am taking on. Do you?”

I knew but thought about it for a moment and made my decision.

“Amanda, call the Old Man and tell him I am coming up. I want him to meet someone.”

Susan smiled and put the tiny recorder back into her purse. “This isn’t the only copy.” She said offhandedly.

I didn’t answer. I rose from the desk and beckoned Susan to follow. The doors to a private elevator were in the corner, they opened when I entered the code.

We were silent on the way up but she wore a wide smile.

On meeting the Big Guy she was all smiles and pleasantries. It looked as if they hit it off right away and after a shorter time than I had expected I was dismissed, leaving Susan behind. I wasn’t sore, I wasn’t in the least upset that she had played me. I actually admired her for it.

The other applicants were dismissed with apologies and I found myself with time on my hands. I poured from two bottles into a glass of ice. Rum mixed half and half with Buttershots. The wide sills on the window were comfortable and I enjoyed the view.

I thought back to where I had come from. A Mother who loved me unconditionally and introduced me to my Father late in my life, I was eleven when I met him. I learned later that my Mother was dying of Cancer and had called him in to finish raising me. We actually got along very well and soon my education was at schools where money wasn’t a consideration. Even now I don’t have a driver’s license, being driven is fine for me and besides, my Dad – for he had made the transformation between being a Father and being a Dad – made me understand that actually driving a car was very risky, not from the standpoint of personal injury but if I were involved in an accident the liability issues were immense.

Dad is a philanderer, he can’t help himself where women are concerned but to the best of my knowledge and after much research and the expense of numerous private detectives, I am his only child. I am his blood and even though he wasn’t around during my early years we are very close now.

I moved to the desk and removed the chip from the slot in the desk. Plugging into my computer I listened to the audio file it contained.

“Susan? It’s okay Amanda. This is Susan, a friend of mine. Now this is a big surprise. A pleasant one I hope?”

Removing the chip, I locked it in my safe. I would make copies later. For now I returned to the window and enjoying the view of New York wondered how Dad was enjoying his new assistant.

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