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Traffic stretched ahead beyond his view, bumper to bumper for as far as he could see. Jake had been in traffic jams before and had felt the frustration brought on by the knowledge that his available time behind the wheel was running down even though he wasn’t moving.

He hadn’t moved for almost 15 minutes and decided to climb out of the driver’s seat and into the back of the big rig, the bunk area was where he kept an old detergent bottle for emergencies. He felt such an emergency coming on, too much coffee at the beginning of his day and now his bladder was screaming for attention.

Six years behind the wheel had taught him a few tricks but he had yet to learn one that would allow him to fly his 80,000 pound truck and trailer over a traffic jam so he tried to make the best of it. After a while people would get out of their vehicles to stretch their legs and he would probably join them but for now it was time to take a piss in the semi seclusion of the bunk room behind the driver’s seat.

Zipping up he took a bottle of water from the refrigerator and wondered if that would necessitate another visit to the detergent bottle before he got out of the jam.

According to other truckers who he could hear on the CB Radio there was an accident ahead and the road was closed while the authorities moved the wrecks.

“Damn this sucks.” He thought to himself as he returned to the driver’s seat and wound down the window.

Looking around he noticed that some of the more robust vehicles in the left lane were cutting across the median to head back the other way. Even though the road was closed this gave the impression that things were moving but he knew better. He also knew that as the cars moved along his left side he would get an opportunity to look inside the cars, perhaps there would be a nice pair of legs which he could view and enjoy.

Looking for ladies was something that made the hours tick by along the Interstate and he had seen his fair share of the sights too. Everything from a woman changing clothes with no idea that anyone could see her to a pretty young thing, masturbating on her way to wherever, who knew exactly how much a trucker, in his lofty cab, could see and in this knowledge continued to play with herself until she bored with the show and little appreciation for her efforts, or enjoyed an orgasm that caused her to weave a little in her lane.

A Mercedes moved slowly alongside and Jake looked hopefully, anything to relieve the boredom of going nowhere. The Merc’ was driven by a businessman who was gesticulating as he spoke to someone on his cell phone. No doubt he was expressing his frustration at the delay to whoever he was talking to. Then a family car with the front passenger side window wound down. The lady in the passenger seat looked up, her ample breasts heaving.

“Sir, do you know what the problem is?” she called.

“Too many cars!” he thought but decided against being mean and uncaring. Many car drivers in traffic jams ask truckers what is going on, after all they all have CB Radios don’t they? Sure do, but with the crap that is on channel 19 these days Jake usually had it turned off unwilling to listen to the bad language and fighting. Today he wished he had it on which might have given him the opportunity to find a way around the jam when warned by other drivers. Ah well.

“Accident ahead Ma’am.” he answered politely nodding towards the direction everyone was moving, or not moving in this case.

The lady thanked him and turning to face the front adjusted the seat belt which had split her breasts nicely to Jake's view. She had presented a very nice view of her breasts except that the belt spoiled the cleavage.

Jake was horny. He had been on the road for three weeks and hadn’t even smelled a pussy since; he smiled at the thought of Nashville where he had parked at a Love’s Truck Stop and joked with one of the cashiers.

She hadn’t been particularly good looking from the neck up but everything else was very attractive. She was a MILF from his dreams. He had though to himself that perhaps a bag over her head would be helpful and tired as he was he jokingly asked what time she got off work. She told him in a few hours so to continue the joke he told her what truck he was driving and where it was parked, then went off to enjoy a hot shower at the end of his day.

Later Jake was sleeping in his truck when came the knock. “You invited me.” She said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Yes I did. But I didn’t think you would come.” Jake had answered.

“I don’t have long,” Laura answered, “I have to get home or the ol’ man will wonder.”

Jake scowled wondering how much this was going to cost. He didn’t use the ladies of the night, or “Lot Lizards” as they are known in the industry.

Laura cut him off. “I just want to get laid okay? My husband doesn’t do me very often and I have needs. No strings, no money, just fuck me okay?”

Jake didn’t need telling twice and rising from his seat he climbed into the ‘bedroom’ behind the bunk. Offering a hand to Laura she accepted and climbed over the box between the seats that held a few snacks Jake enjoyed along the road.

Jake turned to make some semblance of order to the bed where until a few minutes ago he had been sleeping. Laura turned to the curtains that hung across the windshield and made sure there were no cracks that someone might be able to see through.

By the time Jake had finished smoothing the covers of the bed Laura was already naked to the waist, breathing heavy and her nipples were erect.

BEEP! A car next to Jake's in the jam attracted his attention shattering the memory into a million shards like so much broken glass.

The lady in the next car was slim and beautiful, “Howdy Ma’am.” Jake said nervously realizing that his jeans were wickedly cramping his cock which had responded to the Nashville memory.

The lady was in a Mini Cooper Convertible and the roof was tucked away behind the passenger seats. She wore a tee shirt and a skirt that matched the name of her car. Mini was one of Jake’s favorites.

“It’s an accident up ahead.” Jake answered the unasked question.

“Do you know how long we will be here?”

“Ma’am, if you sit there and don’t move then I don’t really care how long we will be here.” Jake heard himself answer although he didn’t believe he had actually said it.

“I beg your pardon?” she demanded with a look on her face which neither scorned nor condoned.

“Well, I mean, er.” Jake stammered. “You’re prettier than a new Peterbilt on a sunny morning Ma’am.”

The lady blushed and smiled. “Thank you.” she called back and repeated her question. “How long?”

Jake couldn’t resist the temptation, “Nine inches.” He answered.

The lady laughed and looked in her mirror and around the vehicle judging how private the conversation might be. “Bullshit!”

“No really.” Jake answered surprised at the response.

“You men are all the same, especially truckers, you brag about what you have until it’s time to prove it then nothing.”

Jake was taken aback with the idea that his manhood should be challenged. “Fuck you!” he answered laughing.

“Prove it!” she challenged further.

“Are you serious?” Jake demanded.

“Yes I’m serious.” The lady in the Mini answered with a smirk that ran from one side of her face to the other. “Prove it!”

Jake wasn’t a shy man but even so he looked in his mirror to see who else might see if he revealed his package to the lady in the next car.

“Are you serious?” he asked again.

“Yeah I’m serious,” the lady smiled, “prove it! Or are you full of shit?”

Jake pushed his head back into the seat and breathed hard making up his mind that this was okay. The bitch had said prove it and in so doing had challenged him. Even as a teenager he had fallen victim to many a dare and this was going to be no different. Reaching down he unbuckled his belt, popped the top button on his jeans and unzipped his fly. Lowering his jeans a little Jake withdrew his manhood.

“If this bitch wants me to prove it she is getting the whole package, balls and all.” He though.

His balls were massive and his cock, already excited by the though of Laura in Nashville, was semi hard. He lifted his cock by supporting his balls and raised himself from seat. Not knowing what to say to the lady he decided to say nothing.

The lady looked at him with wide eyes her nipples erect bra less under her tee shirt.

To demonstrate his size Jake stroked his cock up and down, sliding his massive fist along its length. He was enjoying her reaction and could see her tongue stoking her lips. For a moment he wondered how good her tongue would feel stoking his cock.

She was beautiful. Her eyes flashed as she watched his hand slide up the length of what was obviously a full nine inches, perhaps more to her eye. A thick vein ran the length of his member and the head was becoming red with pressure. She was aroused and felt the wetness between her legs threaten to stain her seat. She looked in her mirror and wondered if the driver behind could see her.

Jake reached for a button on the inside of the door. The mirror moved slightly so that the driver behind the mini, he already knew his stroking could not be seen through the window, could not see in his mirror either. “The fucking bastard might be jealous.” He though.

The lady in the Mini ran her hand along her tanned legs and Jake's cock hardened even more. “I’m going to get me a show.” He though, while hoping that the slim brunette would help the day along a little.

The lady raised her left hand to her right breast stoking slowly and circling the erect nipple that pushed against her shirt.

Her eyes closed for a moment then looked back at the hard cock in the window of the big rig. Again her eyes were wide.

Jake continued to stroke slowly, proud of his cock which apparently pleased the lady in the Mini.

The lady’s right hand found its way under her skirt until it was blocked by her panties. Again she looked around and checked her mirrors but she was alone and nobody except the man in the truck could see her. She removed her panties and allowed them to fall to one ankle.

Jake continued to stroke his engorged member slowly, his eyes fixed on the lady in the Mini.

Ahead he could see a few people who had, as he predicted, climbed out of their vehicles to stretch their legs.

The lady in the Mini, her hand under her mini skirt and was rolling sweet circles underneath although Jake couldn’t see. Her hand now reached under her Tee Shirt and was obviously pinching her nipple. The nipple on the left strained to poke though her shirt.

“This was perfect. A traffic jam, a good looking brunette and a hard cock.” Jake thought.

The ladies gyrations became stronger, she lifted her ass off the seat only backing down when the steering wheel got in the way of her hand. Her eyes closed for a moment and then a look of shock and surprise spread across her face.

“Damn if the bitch isn’t coming.” Jake realized.

The ladies head flipped back against the head rest on her seat and she quivered biting her lower lip. Jake though he heard a moan then their eyes locked.

“Cum you bastard,” she demanded with the look in her eyes as she shook with an orgasm Jake would have been proud to give to any woman.

The head of Jake's nine inches hardened even more and he knew this was it. His cock squirted a long stream of thick liquid and the lady opened her mouth as if to accept it. Three then four spurts of life giving cream landed on Jake's steering wheel. The lady whose orgasm had subsided watched Jake through his cab window. The huge fist which had stroked his cock was shiny with jism and a smile crossed the ladies face.

Reaching to the box of goodies between the seats Jake retrieved a napkin and began to clean up the mess. The lady in the Mini watched fascinated as Jake squeezed his cock like a tube of toothpaste and caught the last drop in the napkin.

It took three napkins to clean the cum from his cock and the steering wheel. Even then Jake knew there would be more cleaning to do after the lady left.

Jake looked down into the Mini. “Nice to meet you Ma’am.” He joked.

“The pleasure was all mine.” She responded with a mischievous smile.

“Ma’am, would you mind?”

“Mind what?” she answered.

“Can I get a picture of you? I have some friends on a website I like and they would never believe this. Can I get a picture?” Jake asked.

The lady thought about that for a few moments then produced a ball cap from behind the Mini’s passenger seat. “No faces!” she demanded before again looking around to make sure the coast was clear.

“No faces.” Jake answered.

The lady shifted slightly in her seat and putting on the ball cap pulled the brim over her face.

Jake grabbed his cell phone, no time for the 35mm he had in a cabinet behind.

The lady lifted her right leg onto the passenger seat and lifted her mini skirt which had already moved up to reveal her perfectly shaven and very wet vagina. Looking around again she lifted her tee shirt revealing perfectly formed breasts and still hard nipples.

Jake took two pictures, that was all she gave him time for. Her vagina was wet and shined in the bright sunshine.

She gathered herself and taking her panties off her ankle pushed them between her legs.

“What’s your name?” she asked recovering her composure.

“Jake,” he answered, “what’s yours?”


“It’s nice to meet you Jenny.” Jake answered sincerely while thinking all his Christmases had come at once.

“Do you come through here very often?”

“Occasionally.” He answered.

She reached for her phone. “What is your phone number?”

Jake smiled and delivered the information while she punched numbers on her phone. A few moment later his phone rang.

“Call me next time you are though here.” She said.

“I will.” Jake promised.

“What are you going to do with the pictures?” she asked.

“If you don’t mind I will put them on a flasher website I know.”

“What site?” she asked with a frown.

“,” Jake answered, “but don’t worry – no faces.”

“Okay as long as there are no faces.” Jenny smiled.

While they had been talking traffic in the left lane hand been moving and two hundred yards of space had developed ahead of the Mini. The car behind beeped his horn.

“It was nice talking to you.” Jake said.

“Call me.” The lady answered and began to move ahead.

Reaching for a package of “Wet Ones” Jake prepared to properly clean up the mess that was his steering wheel. He had a smile on his face and didn’t really care if he had been seen or not. He had been horny and the angels of the big road had looked out for him.

This traffic jam wasn’t so bad after all.

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