Driftin' Ghost
Fun on the road with Mrs. Ghost - Oh So Sweet!

I wrote most of this years ago as a way of remembering. This is the story about when our occasional flashing sessions turned into something more. This is how it became her thing as much as mine. It’s the first time truck flashing ended up with us personally interacting with the trucker.

flashing hobbyI had settled in to watch a ballgame when Mrs. Ghost settled in behind me without me being aware she’d spent her evening with some wine. Wine makes her horny and leaves her wet.

While pressed against my back, she reached around and began stroking my dick through my clothes. She apologized for distracting me but at this point I could care less about the game. She continued to stroke my cock and reached down into my shorts to get more hands-on. She wasn't wasting time, as she quickly had me stripped from the waist down and had removed everything but her T-shirt putting her beautiful pussy on display.  She took me into her mouth and sucked furiously while rubbing and fingering herself.

I took the initiative by slowing her bobbing head down and allowing myself to rest my dick in her mouth while she sucked gently and I leaned over to lick her extremely wet pussy. Slow wasn't in the cards for this evening as we quickly found our bodies in the position to fuck.

It's then when she announced to me "since I'm drunk it would be the best time to take advantage of me and getting me to do what I normally wouldn't do." A thousand thoughts ran through my mind. I was still pondering as I entered her. She thrust against me as I penetrated her faster and faster until I thought for sure I was going to loose it. It was not 10 minutes until my extremely worked up wife was shaking with her first of what would prove to be a record number of orgasms for the evening.

After her orgasm subsided I picked up the pace of my thrusts.  She announced “we should take advantage of the situation."  She didn't want this to be a normal evening and she was creating the situation that would allow me to take my opening.  She began to tremble and scream with her second orgasm. She's a screamer, but had never screamed with this sort of unbridled intensity. I pulled out so that I wouldn't loose my load right then and there.  As I got up off the bed she latched her lips onto the head of my cock.  She wasn't ready for the contact to stop, and it was a struggle to try and get ready for leaving the house while still having her begging for me.  I was able to work my way into grabbing my wallet and keys, in addition to my camera, which would prove useless.  I would love to have photographic documentation of this evening, but the camera was the victim of our spontaneity with what little video we managed missing all the best stuff.

The risk of getting caught is very naughty and thus a very big turn on.  Perhaps it's something that dates back to being a kid, but there is great allure to being naughty and doing something "wrong" that you know you shouldn't be doing.  The idea was to put us in a situation where we would have to watch for others, but also enjoy the risk of playing. We were going out. I managed to get her downstairs, yet she wouldn't put on clothes.  Considering I didn't think we would be getting out of the car, I didn't think too much of this.

In the car, she was already masturbating furiously and made mention of going for a drive before I even could bring it up.  Once on the interstate we were in familiar territory as we had been flashing like this for years.  It wasn’t long before her masturbation was leading to another orgasm (with yet another quickly followed on the heels of that one).  I could hear as her fingers increased the wetness of her pussy and could tell she was excited to an extreme degree.

I take great care to keep my eyes on the road and not to become too distracted.  I occasionally pass slow moving vehicles in the hopes that someone will notice my sexy wife and our game.  Of course this works best with truck drivers. The semis are perfectly positioned for the driver to have a nice angle looking down, and the drivers are predominately male and often appreciative of a beautiful woman.  Mrs. Ghost plays her role well, really getting into her masturbation and blocking out all around her.  In our prior flashing, she expressed that things work easier for her if she pretends no one is watching.  Yet, I had a very persistent fantasy of my wife flashing or teasing others (in and out of cars) by playing up what she was doing to them.  On this evening the rules of the game were going to change.

As she worked her pussy, several truckers took obvious notice.  One in particular locked on to us and rode beside us for a long while.  She played oblivious at first, in a trance brought about by her fingering and latest orgasm.  At this moment, she looked up and to her left directly at the truck driver. She smiled and continued to play with herself. It was a fantasy coming true.

Even before she made eye contact I knew we had someone’s attention as his truck moved with the speed of mine.  I actually was worried as he was coming very close to our vehicle. I feared he was not paying as close attention to the road as he was to my wife’s legs and what was on display between them.  Mrs. Ghost inserted a finger inside herself, pulling it out of her wet pussy and placing it to her lips.  After a lick of her juices, she used the hand to wave to the driver.  I’m ready to explode and I’m sure the truck driver was feeling the same.  I couldn’t believe my wife was not only playing our game, but was acknowledging the drivers presence and getting off on teasing him.

My wife is begging me for sex.  Driving with a raging hard-on after what I just witnessed can be difficult enough, much less when a beautiful woman sits besides you bottomless, legs spread, fingers deep in her pussy while begging you to fuck her.  She began to tease me by saying the truck driver had wanted to fuck her.  I told her I intended on stopping at the rest area and we can take care of business there.  It was my wife, even in her drunken state, who first made me realize our new friend, now several vehicles behind us, may see us and follow.  She even wondered if it would be a good idea.  At this point, the idea of him stopping only excited me further.

I pulled off and pulled into the section for cars. She again begged me to fuck her and said if I wouldn’t she was sure the truck driver would and that she was determined to be pounded by someone. I told her I thought she was right. She seductively asked if I would let him fuck her if he wanted to.  A loaded question, I took it as a test to see if I was going to make sure to have her best interest in mind while we adventured.  I assured her that was not going to happen, but when she asked what I would do if he wanted to I told her I’d love to let him watch.  As we discussed these things, I noticed the semi had pulled off.

I could see our truck driver friend approaching the car, behind the back of my masturbating wife.  He was a short, stocky blond and I watched with combined excitement and nervousness as he approached.  He was practically running toward the car with the most immense smile.  I could instantly tell he was no threat and that we had just made his day (and his week, probably his whole year).  He knocked on the window, and my half-naked wife, who moments earlier was wondering what we should do if approached, did not hesitate one millisecond before rolling down her passenger’s side window and letting out a “hi!”

The horny truck driver was bent down looking into our vehicle. The first words out of his mouth are “You guys are wonderful people!  Do you play?” Without having it spelled out, “play” to our friend was him wondering what his chances were of fucking my sexy wife, getting into that gorgeous pussy he had been salivating for.  I remember telling him that we didn’t play; we were out just having a little fun. The fact that he wasn’t going to get laid did not seem to upset him in the slightest, as he still recognized his luck. “You guys are wonderful people!” he proclaimed again with the giddiness of a teenage boy.  At this point my wife starts to make apologies…explaining to the truck driver “I’m sorry; I think I’ve had a little too much to drink this evening.”  Not surprisingly, the driver reacted as if no apology was necessary.

I wanted to absorb every detail of what was happening, but was also trying to watch our surroundings to make sure we didn’t have any unwanted company (ie. cops). While trying to accomplish all of this I was also wrestling with my own mind and the unbelievability of what was happening. Here we are, parked at a rest area with our passenger side window rolled down and a truck driver looking into my car having a conversation with my wife who sat there openly engaged in the conversation while not wearing a stitch of clothing from the waist down.  It was a sexy scene.

During the conversation, much of which I can’t recall, my wife kept her legs together but did not seem shy or embarrassed to be having this discussion while bottomless.  Our short, blonde friend would occasionally avert his eyes to try and take in the beautiful bare legs of my wife.  I could tell he must be in a hurry with the load he was carrying (both on his truck and the one my wife had surely caused him). He wanted to know if he could ride with us for a while back on the interstate.  I knew my wife was so drunk this was not practical and certainly couldn’t top the up-close experience we were having now, so I told him that we would probably be heading back the other direction.  It was an amazing complement to know he wanted to spend more of his drive looking upon my wife’s naked body.  He said that he’d been having a rough time as of late and appreciated the fact that he now had something pleasant on his mind for the rest of a trip he had been dreading.

After telling us how Mrs. Ghost was an “angel” the man looked at me and told me I was a lucky man, something I had always been aware of, if not ever as much as I felt this evening.  He told me he just had to shake my hand.  I extended my hand behind my wife’s headrest and the truck driver reached in my vehicle.  Looking back, a stranger’s hand entering my car behind my wife as she sat without pants, without panties, has been an incredibly erotic image to me.  The three of us were all laughs while this conversation and handshake were taking place. It was what would happen next that would provide me the defining image of the night.

As he was preparing to take his leave, our new friend, this stranger, in hopeful braveness asked my wife “can I have another look?” I about came when without a moment’s hesitation my wife gives an enthusiastic, “Sure!”  And with her feet on the dash, parts her legs. I have replayed this one scene and that “sure” in my mind a thousand times.  I began to look around to make sure no one that shouldn’t see could see what was going on. There was a tall, bulky, dark-haired man in front of our car stretching his legs. I knew if he looked the right way he too could see.  I looked back over to my wife and she sat with legs spread, pussy shaved, one finger gently rubbing so that the clit would pop out.  She was concentrating and looking at her wet pussy.  Our friend was also in deep concentration staring straight down between my wife’s legs.  He was a mere foot and half to two feet away from my wife’s pussy and I could not be more excited.  I wanted to fuck her right there and let him watch. I wanted her to play with herself and come in front of us both.  I wanted her to watch him stroke himself as he gazed upon her open legs and beautiful pussy lips and clit.  I wanted it all.  To see another man that close to my wife’s pussy staring intently is something I always replay when I want to get hard.

As soon as my wife had spread her legs and began to show off her sexiness, the tall dark-haired man in front of our car did a double take.  He walked from the front of our car to the side window by our truck driver, as if he was waiting his turn. He too could see what my wife was doing.  So now my wife sat spread eagle playing with her pussy in front of three men only one of which was her husband and two of whom were strangers.  It was intense and beautiful, sexy and amazing.  Before leaving finally, our truck driver asked “how about some tits?”  My wife replied with another crowd pleasing “sure” and pulled the neckline of her T-shirt (the only stitch of clothing she was wearing) down to reveal her beautiful perky breast and luscious pink nipples.  She caressed her breasts briefly for both of her observers and then our truck driver left, entering the restroom where I can only imagine he relieved himself by masturbating to thoughts of MY wife.  I’m sure it was not the only time that night or the only time since that he has stroked his cock thinking of my wife’s pussy.

When the blond truck driver left my wife’s peep show window, our new, tall, dark-haired friend took over his spot.  I remember the man kind of mumbling and making awkward conversation.  What do you say to a girl you just caught masturbating in front of a stranger?  I seem to recall his first words being “can I have a look too?”  My wife was on fire this evening and brimming with confidence so another “sure” was her sexy answer.  She continued to give the new stranger the same show she had been giving the old stranger, legs spread wide, pussy slightly open with her finger slowly rubbing over her clit.  After about 15 seconds she closed her legs slightly but continued to slowly rub herself as we all talked.  The new stranger wanted to know which way we were heading.  I do not believe he was a truck driver, as he appeared to be driving a nearby van.  I did not want to drive alongside a van, and it was getting too late.

I mentioned I needed to get her home so that I cold take care of her.  After a few more seconds of conversation, all of which took place with Mrs. Ghost’s hand on her pussy, the tall man said, “You all have a good evening.” and Mrs. Ghost responded with a “thank you baby!”  She rolled up the window laughing.  Neither of us quite knew what to think of what just happened.  Two men had their faces down close to my wife’s wet pussy.  Staring.  Now I did want to get home and fuck her brains out for her exhibitionistic display, her sexual adventure, her bravery.

flashing hobby She asked me what it was like to know that she had shown her pussy to three men at the same time.  She knew my answer by my rock-hard dick.  I told her how amazing she was and what I was going to do to her when I got her home.  On the trip home my wife was not quite finished as we passed one last semi and my still horny and playful wife did not miss the opportunity to tease him.  We turned on the light so he could see inside the car and my wife masturbated just for him (well, me too and I’m sure herself).  He honked his horn in obvious approval and excitement and as quickly as we found him, we left him but not before Mrs. Ghost raised her ass out of her seat so she could elevate her pussy as she spread her legs, parted her lips and laughed at the whole scene.  This show received another long honk of the horn.

On the short drive home my wife orgasmed yet again, about the 12th of her evening. By the time I lowered our garage door at home, I had to help my shaky-legged wife up and out of the passenger’s seat and guide her into the house.  Once upstairs I could control myself no longer and pounced.  I had to get my dick inside that pussy that so many others had lusted for this evening.

We fucked like animals and I came relatively quickly, but replaying the scenes from earlier in my mind, I stayed hard and never left my wife’s beautiful, wet lips. She screamed in orgasm in a guttural growl like nothing I ever heard while clutching the sheets and slamming her hands on the bed. I pumped into her harder and harder and came a second time.

In all, Mrs. Ghost came 13 or 14 times during the three-hour adventure, and during the course of the evening I had managed to come five times.  As I tried to sleep that night, I found it near impossible.  I woke up many times with a hard-on.  I dreamed about it.  I spent the waking night hours desperately trying to return to sleep but unable to quit replaying the scene.  There were the strangers, there were the multiple-multiple-orgasms, my wife’s enthusiastic “sure!” and the way she spread her legs for me, for them, for us.  Little did I know that we had turned the corner in creating the monster that now wants to share that sweet view of her pussy with you too.

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Great story love the way it is written.

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Thank you Rkless. She does all the sexy work, I figure the least I can do is try to write about it well ;-)

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That experience and story would havw anybody hooked! She truly is an awesome woman!

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Oh and trust me, we love the view! Thank you for the MAMMARIES!!! LOL

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Awsome story

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Thanks guys! We love sharing our adventures in story form too, so it's nice to see folks still reading the blogs.

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