Driftin' Ghost
Fun on the road with Mrs. Ghost - Oh So Sweet!

Everything changes…and so it was with our history of playful flashing. At first, I knew Mrs. Ghost was not sure about flashing truckers and was doing it solely for me. A turning point came when a tipsy Mrs. Ghost flashed a trucker who then interacted with us at a rest stop (see our first story for the full take on that hot experience.) The flashing we would do after that became more interactive. Whereas it used to be she would lower her top or spread her legs but would be looking at me or otherwise concentrating on what she was doing while trying to ignore that someone else was there, now she would look the trucker in the eye to make sure he was paying attention. I much preferred this bolder form of teasing.

However, as anyone who is into truck flashing as a stimulating hobby knows, sexy drives often end up being enjoyed more for the fun of being exposed rather than the thrill of being seen. It’s probably about 50/50 (and sometimes feels even less) as to whether or not you’re going to encounter enough truck traffic to have a good ride and even then it’s amazing how often the driver pays no attention. The hit or miss nature of truck flashing is part of what makes it a fun challenge but it can also be frustrating when you’re wanting to be seen and/or get off. Our flashing adventures usually end in a fuck fest but when you make the attempt and don’t get seen it can sometimes dampen the mood. As she got bolder, Mrs. Ghost began to think of other ways we could flash or have sexy play that could guarantee being seen by those who wanted to see (as opposed to not being seen or getting arrested if you are lol.) We looked into Hedonism-style resorts, places where nudity would be accepted and the clientele would be receptive. Those places could be pretty expensive though, and reviews could be mixed. Still, it was fun to think about and hope that one day we might pay such a place a visit.

Unfortunately, no such place as a “flashers club” exists (not near us anyway.) There were no sex clubs or anything near enough for us to experiment with our new sense of adventure. The fact Mrs. Ghost was even considering a location where she could walk around half-naked to turn guys on turned me on big time. I wasn’t even sure if she would really go through with it even if there was such a place…but it was still nice to think about.

I was very surprised when one day Mrs. Ghost approached me with the idea of going to a swingers club around three hours away from where we live. By her thinking, it was far enough away that we were not likely to encounter people we know but close enough that we could travel there easily and just as easily get out and back home if it was not what we had hoped. I had concerns. We’re not swingers and have no desire to be. We liked the idea of a permissive environment, but I was very uncertain as to whether or not we would be accepted. After all, if couples looking for sex know that we weren’t in the lifestyle, I feared they might resent us being there at all. At this point I still thought Mrs. Ghost might be more talk than action and did not foresee us actually following through on what was a pretty thrilling thought.

Shortly before Valentine’s Day one year Mrs. Ghost approached me with a surprise…the club she found had accepted our membership and we’d be spending the 14th of February making new friends and having sex in front of strangers. I was shocked but excited. I couldn’t believe this was something she really wanted and that this was happening. But happening it was, and the memory of that night still is one I go to frequently whenever I want to get hard.

Mrs. Ghost had picked her outfit for grabbing the most attention she could. For Valentine’s Day, she was wearing a small red top and cupid wings. The top could be pulled down very easily. Her knee-high fishnets produced an alluring bit of skin between their tops and the bottom of her short skirt. (Which wasn’t going to be short enough as I’d later discover.) We were both eager with anticipation but nervous. Mrs. Ghost was naturally nervous because she was the one expected to get comfortable with strangers and then “play.” I was nervous because I wasn’t sure how I would handle an unwanted advance or just how safe the environment would be. Mrs. Ghost had done her research and had read good things that had her encouraged and turned on. In fact, it’s safe to say that she got over her nervousness faster than I did.

The outside of the club gave no indication of the erotic goings-ons inside. Once we took care of our fee, the party’s “hosts” gave us a tour of the facility. While not fancy, it also wasn’t the scary-looking dump I had feared. Also, everyone from the hosts down to the first few men and couples we met were super nice. I’m not the social one, so I’m slow to warm up in any situation. Mrs. Ghost, however, is a social animal and began to make friends fast. It helped from our tour to quickly realize Mrs. Ghost was one of the hotter women in the building. This gave her a sense of confidence and the sort of attention that she had hoped to receive. Guys were coming up and introducing themselves by the dozen. I enjoyed watching them approach my wife.

Expecting it would take much of the night to warm up, I was surprised when my wife was topless within 20 minutes of entering the building, having been encouraged by the environment and deciding to pull down her top. Her pert nipples were on display in front of a house full of people and we did not need to worry about being caught or scolded. This was heaven. The environment felt like a strip club, except that the guests were the entertainment. Porn was playing on all the TVs and before long I saw one lady going down on another atop the bar with a crowd gathered to watch. This was my kind of place.

After some small talk and being comfortable topless, Mrs. Ghost took me to the pool room. Mrs. Ghost was actually a bit of a pool shark in her youth, and still had skills. Also, the image of tiny tops and short skirts at a pool table is classic and would make for one of the night’s highlights. She challenged one of the men, but soon had an audience of others watching her stretch for those really tough shots. I decided to sit slightly away so I could take in the full scene…here was my wife without any panties and barely a skirt bending over a pool table in front of a half dozen men. She was the only woman in the room, and she moved with full knowledge she was on display. I liked my vantage point because I could watch them watch her, and that’s always been my fantasy. I don’t always get that with truck flashing, as I concentrate on driving and can’t always see our road friends.

As she became friendly with the men gathered to watch her play, she loosened up even more. As mentioned previously, her short skirt was not going to be short enough in her mind so she ditched it to reveal the even shorter slip that had been underneath. Now showing off her pussy was going to be easy. Taking down her top was one thing, but now I’m watching Mrs. Ghost turn up the heat by trying to distract her opponent with all of her sexual charms. Her beautiful breasts were placed on the table by the pocket being shot at. He was nervous. Mrs. Ghost would just laugh. The next attempt at distraction was bending over before his shot so that the pocket he was going for had her hot ass as its backdrop. When other techniques started to be less effective, she finally waited for her opponent to make what would be a winning shot when she threw up her leg on the table and took her fingers to part her obviously wet lips. Needless to say he missed.

If the evening would have ended then, it would have been perfect. The pool scene was one of the hottest things I’d seen, but it was about to get even hotter. We had witnessed couples and trios having sex throughout many of the public areas, even though the upstairs was strictly for that purpose and for couples and invited-only single men. We had been upfront with all our new friends that we were not in the lifestyle, but that we were an exhibitionist and a voyeur. I quickly found my fears had been unfounded, as swingers tended to be some of the most accepting and open-minded people we had ever met (of course, I’m sure some were being nice hoping Mrs. Ghost would be changing her mind.) With the teasing having built us both up to the point of exploding, we now wanted release and to have sex where others would watch.

We settled on a couch in the middle story of the house. Standard furniture was augmented by mats and a sex swing. The house was crowded, with the hot and heavy action mostly upstairs and all those in our room engaged only in conversations. When we got a couch to ourselves, we decided it was time to take out our pent up energy on each other.

We began making out, but I was so horny I could not keep my hands to myself for long. I ran my hand up Mrs. Ghost’s fishnets and parted her legs for better access. This would give a better view to others of what Mrs. Ghost had been teasing with earlier. She was wet to the touch, and I instantly wanted more than the brief fingering I had started. I knew I was overly excited and would cum quickly if we began to fuck, so instead I decided I had to taste her. I dropped to my knees in front of the couch and began to kiss the inside of her thighs, working my way up between her legs. To go down on your wife in a room full of strangers is an exhilarating experience. I worked my tongue around her pussy, enjoying her wetness and excitement. I could feel us being watched, and my cock pressed hard against my pants.

While enjoying eating Mrs. Ghost, I was surprised when a younger club visitor approached us. I was apprehensive at first, as we were strictly look but don’t touch. I was worried we were about to be pressured, but instead he asked if he could sit on the couch with us. Before I could consider the offer, Mrs. Ghost had moved to give him room. If she was fine with it, so was I, and I was excited by someone getting an even closer look. He watched me as I went back to working Mrs. Ghost’s pussy when he asked if he could help hold one of her legs. I hesitated. Mrs. Ghost and I had not previously discussed this possibility and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Would it be opening a door to more? Would it be misconstrued as an invitation? Looking back, I don’t remember how we decided, or who gave the OK, all I remember is that we gave approval to his request and our new young friend helped me to hold open Mrs. Ghost’s legs by placing his hand between her inner thigh and knee on her right leg. I could feel his hand to my left as darted my tongue around her pretty lips. He would occasionally move his hand but to his credit he abided by our ground rules and never came too close. Still, he was stroking the inside of my wife’s thigh while I was down between her legs and I was very excited, as was she, by the fact she was getting to experience the touch of multiple hands at once.

Mrs. Ghost quickly came, and as video on this site proves…she cums loudly. After her orgasm, it was decided we continue our evening in the house’s upper floor. Again, my memory is hazy as to who’s idea it was for our new friend to join us…he may have asked to join us, I just don’t recall. He had been cool to this point, so the idea of having full on sex in front of him seemed less scary and more erotic.

The rooms upstairs were full of moans. The sexually-charged atmosphere just added to our own anticipation. Some doors were closed, but many were open to voyeurs who watched intently. A closed door indicated the action was off limits, while a chain placed in front of an open door was an invitation to watch. An open door and no chain was considered an offer to join the room. Mrs. Ghost and I had agreed we were comfortable to have folks watch, but when we arrived upstairs instead of staying behind the chain, our new friend asked if he could come in with us. Much like his request to hold her leg earlier, I was worried he would keep pushing to the point of crossing our boundaries. Despite this concern, we let him enter the room with us, while making it very clear he was to watch us. He agreed and we put the chain up behind us.

Mrs. Ghost began our show by lying on the bed and without hesitation spreading herself before me and a complete stranger. There was no shyness as her hand went to her pussy and she began to masturbate. I began to eat her out again, as I cannot get enough of her sweet taste. At one point our watcher asked if he could try, which angered me slightly, as we had been very clear. I began to think we may need to ask him to leave, but I didn’t want to ruin the great buzz we had going, and after firmly reminding him of our ground rules, he kept on good behavior from that moment.

Next, we switched positions and Mrs. Ghost had me on the bed while taking my cock into her mouth. At this point she was down to her fishnets and heels and the pulled-down top. Our voyeur circled us looking for different views as Mrs. Ghost sucked me aggressively. One of my favorite sights of the evening was when he positioned himself behind her. I could see her looking up seductively at me with my dick in her mouth, all the while she was gyrating with her ass in the air giving him a show from behind. “You’re killing me” he would say as he asked permission to masturbate. I liked the thought of being able to see someone enjoying the view of my wife after having imagined for years truckers having this reaction to her in the privacy of their cabs. He pumped furiously and I knew that such a scene was going to have me explode rather shortly. I began to moan and then scream as our friend encouraged me to “cum down her pretty little throat.” It’s exactly what I did as Mrs. Ghost eagerly took every drop.

My level of excitement was such that though I came in large quantities I stayed hard and proceeded to put Mrs. Ghost on her back as I entered her. The evening had been one nice, long foreplay, and I was more than ready to end my evening where I had spent so many hours longing to be…inside her. We fucked one another like porn stars, feeding off the energy of the house, our friend in the room, and the eyes of the crowd that gathered and watched us beyond the chain. It was sensory overload. She was soaked and I pumped her with all I had.

Occasionally, when the show was more than he could handle, our new friend would pull out his dick and stroke it furiously. I wanted Mrs. Ghost to see the effect she was having on this man, so I switched her to doggy style, so that as I thrusted she would be pushed toward the stranger jacking off in front of her. I liked that she would be looking right at him and his cock as my cock was inside of her. She moaned with pleasure and had several orgasms as I exploded yet again and collapsed to her side in exhaustion. Mrs. Ghost, however, still had more in her.

She began to play with her pussy, and I was able to stand back to take in the scene just like our friend. She’s a sexy masturbator, and she worked hard to bring herself to another orgasm as I stood next to our voyeur, both of us with our cocks out, both of us enjoying the spread eagle view of Mrs. Ghost’s show. Even after orgasm, she kept her legs spread so that the two of us (and those gathered at the door) could still have a view of her shaven pussy. Our friend asked for a closer look, and we excitedly obliged. He’d pulled out his phone and turned on his flashlight (the rooms, naturally, were dimly lit.) He’d never seen such a pretty set of lips and I’ll never forget the two of us together at the edge of the bed on our knees down between my wife’s legs as he shined a light on her cum-filled pussy. He remarked on the size her swollen clit, and how amazing and pleasing a sight it was. Her clit is a distinguishing feature that I think is one of her hottest…she can’t hide her excitement, and that in turn leads to more excitement in others.

The rest of our time in the room consisted of small talk, but never once did Mrs. Ghost get dressed or cover up. In fact, she kept her legs spread and absent mindedly would rub herself on occasion. At one point, some visitors on the other side of the chain joined our conversation and complimented her on her pretty pussy. I loved hearing those kinds of remarks so nonchalantly delivered. The husband who made the comment offered his wife to go down on mine. The thought was incredibly exciting to me, and to Mrs. Ghost, but we had already exceeded what we had thought possible in our first visit and she was not quite ready for that step.

We said our goodbyes to our friend and went to leave. Mrs. Ghost was feeling so sexy that she did not bother to dress, but walked downstairs and through the crowd pretty much naked and proud (as she should have been.) Before leaving, she was feeling confident enough to hit the dance floor and work the striper pole for those lucky enough to still be around in the late a.m. We left the club satisfied and still horny from all we had seen and done.

Before hitting our hotel we went through a late-night drive-thru. Mrs. Ghost was still playful, and the guy working the window was in his late teens/early 20s and obviously taken by Mrs. Ghost’s outfit. She had her short skirt back on, but had her feet up on the dash just enough that she was being a tease. The guy working obviously wanted to prolong his view, so he said they had just made some cookies that would be going to waste and asked if we wanted some. Mrs. Ghost’s sexiness earned us free cookies! It also allowed the guy’s friend who had made the cookies to join him at the window and the two sat gawking with big smiles as off we drove.

When we returned to the hotel, despite all the sweat and cum that had been expended earlier, we could not help but talk about what we had just done and the mere retelling of the story had us going at each other several more times like animals. I lost count of the orgasms, but we fucked and talked until exhaustion finally took us. It had been quiet the Valentine’s Day, and we knew that we would be making this trip again.



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  1. TW

This is what Publishers call a "Page Turner". Nicely written, very sexy and a good read. Way to go peeps.

  1. Rumbleseat

This is just one of the reasons I refer to her as "The Incomparable Mrs. Ghost. A fantastic story about an incredible lady and the gentlemen she drives crazy.

  1. Driftin Ghost    Rumbleseat

Thank you Rumbleseat. I've wanted to share this story for some time now. The pic in the red outfit was taken before we headed to the club. No cameras in the club unfortunately, so thank goodness I have a photographic memory of that night!

  1. Steven

Absolutely amazing. This story got me worked up. Mr. Ghost you are one lucky guy. I hope that one day I will get to meet Mrs. Ghost on the road. Thanks for the story.

  1. Driftin Ghost    Steven

She'd love it if we could work that out! Meeting up with a member is a fantasy we've not been able to coordinate. The club visit was simply a wild fantasy I never thought would happen period, so she's made me a believer that anything is possible!

  1. Gothamgirl

Sweet Jesus!

You two sexies are an inspiration. What an orgasmic treat. I can't wait to have Ggirl read this.
So open and honest about what turns you on and how open and inviting other like-minded people are.
This country is WAAAAY to...

Sweet Jesus!

You two sexies are an inspiration. What an orgasmic treat. I can't wait to have Ggirl read this.
So open and honest about what turns you on and how open and inviting other like-minded people are.
This country is WAAAAY to puritanical and life is too short.

Thanks a million, you sexy couple! And keep that funky-dope lovin' going!


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  1. Driftin Ghost    Gothamgirl

I feel like we've been knighted by the sexy king and queen! Thanks Gman! I hope Ggirl likes it as well. I bet you two would fit in nicely at the club we visited.

  1. Joe

Great story and wonderfully written. I would trade places with the man in the chair in a second. Thanks for sharing.

  1. Driftin Ghost    Joe

How much cooler the story would be if the man in the chair was you (or one of our other friends from this site!) Maybe someday. Thanks for the comment.

  1. hornytrucker04

Super sexy story and I agree with the others, you are a lucky man. I hope to have the good luck of being a site member that finally gets the chance to see her show on the road! Until then, please let her know we all love her exploits and always...

Super sexy story and I agree with the others, you are a lucky man. I hope to have the good luck of being a site member that finally gets the chance to see her show on the road! Until then, please let her know we all love her exploits and always look forward to hearing and seeing more!

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  1. Driftin Ghost    hornytrucker04

Thank you hornytrucker04. I'll be sure to let her know and you'll be hearing and seeing more for sure!

  1. Tony

Wow!! Thanks for the heads up Ghost I may have missed this. Sounded like one hell of night. I'll stand by that chain anytime.

  1. Driftin Ghost    Tony

Thanks Mamazboy2212! I wish there was a way to get some of you from the site on the other side of a chain from Mrs. Ghost. I have a feeling she'd like it as well.

  1. Rkless

Great story. We both would to see her someday.

  1. Driftin Ghost    Rkless

Thanks Rkless! You guys would be perfect guests at thc club. You'd have as much fun as we did!

  1. Dwayne Barrow

WOW, now that I enjoyed! The guy that was allowed to be with you was an extremely lucky guy! Mrs. Ghost is definitely a keeper, and no doubt a sight to behold! Thanks for sharing, if you were to decide to make it a movie I would like to audition...

WOW, now that I enjoyed! The guy that was allowed to be with you was an extremely lucky guy! Mrs. Ghost is definitely a keeper, and no doubt a sight to behold! Thanks for sharing, if you were to decide to make it a movie I would like to audition for the lucky guys part!! Lol

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  1. Driftin Ghost    Dwayne Barrow

LOL...duly noted!

  1. Buddy Graben

That was a great Valentine's story, one that I would have enjoyed as well I was there to witness and partake in the sexy adventures

  1. Driftin Ghost    Buddy Graben

Thanks my friend. It was certainly my favorite Valentine's Day ever. They've all paled since then.

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