Dani Mariner
A Story by one of our Leading Ladies

We were sitting around the house on Christmas Day with nothing to do, the last two days were filled with family and friends and lots of stress and that's when we decided to get out of the house.  I told Hubby that we needed to go out and have some relaxing fun.  I suggested that we take a drive and try to put a smile on the truckers that had to work on Christmas Day.

It was a clear day with a brisk wind but otherwise nice for December as we headed towards the interstate.  We drove for about 30 miles and I suppose we shouldn't have been surprised that on Christmas Day the only trucks we saw were three headed in the opposite direction.  We were on the road for about two hours and having very little luck.  We pulled in to a truck stop to get gas in Mount Vernon Illinois, that's where we observed about Twenty trucks parked in the lot behind the truck stop.  While hubby was filling the car, I walked into the truck stop to get a bottle of water.  I had been wearing jeans and was not wearing a shirt or a bra as we came into the lot and decided to put on my leather jacket before visiting the store.  As I entered, I saw a middle aged truck driver looking at merchandise near the CB radios.

I pretended to look at items near him while unzipping my jacket enough for him to see I had nothing on under it.  He was busy reading the package on an antenna and never gave me a look.  I waited for a man and woman to leave the aisle and then unzipped my jacket three quarters of the way down to reveal one entire breast.  While he was looking at the package, I reached over him to grab an item right in front of him.  I knew that my tits would be right in his face as I reached around and in front of him.  As I reached up both of my tits came out of my jacket and were right in front of his eyes.  He lowered the item and gave me the biggest smile but said nothing.  I pretended to be embarrassed and told him I was sorry.  He never took his eyes off of my tits as I slowly positioned them back inside my jacket.  When he finally dragged his eyes away from my tits he looked me in the eyes and said,

"No apology needed honey."

We told each other merry Christmas and I walked towards the restrooms.  I watched him in the overhead mirror and he was checking out my ass all the way to the door which left me very excited and I could feel the wetness between my legs.

As I got back in the truck, Hubby suggested we drive by the trucks parked in the back lot.  I was wet and extremely horny from the run in with the Trucker inside and said,

"The sooner the better."

We drove to the lot, stopping for a moment for me to put on my Santa helper dress.  As we approach the trucks, we saw a driver exercising with dumbbells outside his truck.  We approached and stopped about 10 feet from where he was exercising.  I pulled my tits out and gently caressed my nipples in full view of the exercising Trucker.  He was holding his dumbbells and paused at his shoulders while intently watching me caress my tits.  After a while, I knelt in the passenger seat position in my ass towards him, I pulled my ass cheeks apart to reveal my now soaking wet pussy.

I smile at him and said merry Christmas, he smiled back and said, "It is now."

flashing hobby flashing hobby flashing hobby flashing hobby

We were headed for the highway when I saw three more truckers standing by a truck talking.  I told hubby that we drove a long way for only two or three flashes and should drive by the three truckers.  Hubby suggested that we give them a VIP FLASH.  He parked about three car links from where they were standing and exited the truck.  I laid on the console with my feet on the passenger door and my pussy displayed for them to see.

Hubby approached the drivers and told them that I would like to say merry Christmas with a flash.  Hubby and the three drivers walked up to the truck and stopped just outside the passenger window.  I had my back on the console and my feet on the door with my legs spread for maximum view and could tell they were enjoying the show from the smiles on their faces.

I gently fumbled my tits while caressing the nipples. I was now so excited that I had to get relief.  I began finger fucking myself while all three drivers smiled.  One of the drivers had his mouth wide open and I could see a very huge bulge in his jeans while he tried to reposition it.

After a very intense orgasm I sat up, smiled at them and said merry Christmas.

We headed back towards the highway and I was smiling from ear to ear thinking about their smiles. Hubby was rewarded with two blowjobs before we made it home.  I couldn't think of a better way to end Christmas.  


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Lucky drivers..... Someday sweetheart.....Someday......

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Santa's helper, is now my Christmas fantasy!

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That was awsome

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Great way to make a good day from a bad day.

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very sexy post i bet they all enjoyed the view

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Oooh my!!! Santa please leave that elf under my tree for me!!!?

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Hot Hot story and and a very Sexxy pic!

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