Dani Mariner
A Story by one of our Leading Ladies

We were driving south on I 75 headed to Florida for a vacation. It was a glorious day and the sun was shining brightly through the side window of the truck.  I was getting very warm from the sun and removed my button up shirt to get more comfortable.  I like being very comfortable while traveling and never wear a bra.  I laid the seat back, opened the sun roof and stretched back to enjoy the beautiful blue sky. I had on a skimpy tank top and very short cut off bluejeans.

dani mariner We were about an hour north of Valdosta Georgia when we came upon a  traffic jam and we were now in bumper to bumper traffic.  I knew we were traveling at a snails pace but because I was laying back I couldn't see all the vehicles moving along the passenger side of our pick up .  About fifteen minutes into the traffic jam we came upon a long line of semi trucks. I could see the drivers due to the fact that they were sitting up so high.  The first driver we passed sat up in his seat to look into our truck. He was very focused on me and gave me the biggest smile and a thumbs up.

I have to admit that it excited me very much that he had smiled and gave me his approval.  So I began to concentrate on the trucks as they passed by.

The next two drivers looked at me and gave me a big smile but then turned their heads back to the oncoming traffic.  After a few trucks went by without looking a driver pulled up gave me a big smile a thumbs up and then blew his air horn.  That really got my attention and I realized I was beginning to feel the moisture between my legs.  We drove alongside several more trucks and they were all looking in their mirrors as we approached there left side.

I looked at my husband and he was smiling from ear to ear. I asked him what he was smiling about  and he said,"I'm just enjoying them enjoying you."  Then he said that he thought they must've been talking on the CB because all the trucks we're now looking for us in their side mirror before we approach the door.

The next trucker we past gave a big smile and motioned for me to pull my shirt up.  I asked my husband if he saw what the driver did and he smiled and said, " Show them your tits".  I had never done anything like this before and as excited as it made me I just couldn't do it.

We pulled into a truck stop near Valdosta Georgia to get gas and a truck driver approach my husband as he pumped gas. He told my husband thank you for showing off the pretty lady. My husband told the driver that he should go thank me.  He was a perfect gentleman and approaching my window he tapped gently on the outside.  I nervously smiled and rolled the window down and he said thank you for making my day.  The driver had no clue that he had just created a monster.

As we left the truck stop to reenter the traffic jam, I asked my husband what he would think of me if I showed my tits.  He said he would enjoyed very much seeing me flash my tits to the truckers.

The first few trucks we passed I gave a little pull on my shirt for a very quick flash. The smiles of appreciation were turning me on even more and before long I had my shirt off and was playing with my nipples for every truck we passed.  About 50 miles into Florida I had my pants off and was masturbating for every trucker.  It had been a very long time since I had an orgasm with no physical contact, but on this day I had two orgasms from simply flashing my tits.  Needless to say I had more after removing my shorts and using my fingers for the passing truckers. The orgasms were coming with very little effort and I knew I was addicted.

We arrived at our Beach house and unpacked the truck.  I sat on the couch thinking of the return trip home and couldn't wait until we left.  My husband walked by the couch with a towel in his hand. I asked him where he was going and he said, "You obviously didn't see the mess you left on the seat." He walked out the front door and I laid back on the couch with a big smile knowing that I was now thoroughly addicted to flashing truck drivers .

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It is addicting! Wonderful way to pass the time on a drive.

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Lol love your story.

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Reading this brought back vivid memories ?

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I would have loved to been able to ride beside y’all and see your naked body in that traffic jam. Lucky truckers.

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