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Who is Jessica I hear you ask? Jessica is a friend of mine, we go back a long way although we lost touch with each other until the inception of this site. Jessica had been looking around the web, found our Community and wrote to ask if I had heard of Flash A Trucker - that was before the hack. She wrote because she knows that I love the subject and was not surprised to learn that I was running the community.

Jessica is a journalist and has had a number of articles published in various magazines and newspapers across the country, she is an author although I am not about to name her titles here. Additionally Jessica, her real name, is a Slut - her word, not mine.

She loves to write about her sexual adventures but does so only for own entertainment which she finds stimulating and Flashing helps her pass the time traveling in her Cadillac across America.

Jessica and I have never had a relationship but we became friends after she flashed me once. I should mention I nearly wrecked the truck, Jessica is one hot woman. I saw her car later in a Truck Stop parking lot and recognized her dress in the restaurant. Inviting myself to join her we chatted for a long time and I bought her lunch. We have swapped emails a few times but nothing more until one day she asked if she could write for the community.

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Jessica meets TW

This is how I met the man you know at The Watcher

Editors Note: I am not sure if I wanted her to write this one or not but here it is anyway.

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Jessica meets TW

The agreement I have with TW is that I write what I want. Hehe!

Jessica's Stories


Sometimes everything looks so good it's hard to believe and sometimes believing might be the wrong thing.

Ted is an executive returning to New York from business abroad. Susan is on her way to New York for an interview. The two learn that their flight has been cancelled and now they have an evening to kill.

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Sparks fly when a cancelled flight brings Susan and Ted together.


Jessica is very proud of her friends. You would be too!

" friends seemed to appear overnight!"

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Jake I

Jake is stuck in a traffic jam; we've all been there but as time passed slowly so did a car driven by a beauty.

Getting into a traffic jam is inevitable for Truckers but occasionally getting stuck is a whole lot of fun!

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Jake I

Traffic jams are par for the course

Jake II

This is part 2 of Jake the Trucker, a worthy part 2.

Follow on after Jake's visit in the traffic jam. Truck stops are "interesting" places

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Jake II

Every trucker takes a break for lunch or dinner