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My scumbag ex-boyfriend

When I was in my early  twenties I had a boyfriend I had been with for a couple of years and he seemed fine.But he started heavy drinking and was getting  mean and hateful as time went on he didn't seem to like me at all. One evening he and all his buddies came to my apartment and he was plastered of course .All of the sudden he announced hey you guys you can all fuck my girl if you want. Everybody was shocked and just figured he was to drunk to know what he was saying. Everyone just ignored him and went on with there drinking and chatting. My now ex-boyfriend passed out on my couch and his buddies decided it was time to leave and they did.I got ready for bed I was mad as hell at what he had said and decided I would tell him to hit the road and not comeback . And then there was a knock on my door one of his buds came to check on him and asked if he should take him home and that's when I snapped and said to myself this is a perfect time for revenge so I took his friend by the hand and led him to my bedroom and shame on me I fucked his brains out. And I told him to let his friends know that I would fuck them too.And apparently he did because every night after that I had a different guy knocking on my door some came back for seconds a few actually took me to dinner before the sex .Eventually word got around town and I was a very busy slut for quite awhile. But one of my exes friends kind of stuck out special and he asked me to marry him I couldn't believe anyone that knew about all the different guys I had been with would want me for a wife. But I said yes and it only lasted a few months. And I was single again for a few years.I finally remarried to the man I'm with now and would never want to lose him he is very open minded doesn't mind sharing me and he loves me a lot and I love him so very much.He has bailed me out of several misadventures.And I'm sure there will be more.

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Another Beach Trucker Encounter

Another Nude Beach Trip and Trucker Friends

Yes, I finally convinced my hb (hubbie) to take me on another trip to the nude beach this year. We had two wonderful days out on the sand. First day he was so excited, he had to have sex with me before we left to walk down to the beach. Hence I spent the day with my pussy quite swollen and wide open with cum slowly dripping out of it. Several guys walked very close to me and got a good look I am sure. It was pretty obvious that my pussy had been fucked but good and very recently. I think the guys walking by were enjoying having that very naughty view of my bare naked pussy with cum dripping out as many of them walked by a number of times. However, as It turned out to be a quiet day and I got a nice tan going. But wait for the second day!

A few days later we returned to the same beach. As usual, hb had my pussy totally bare so my clittie can be very visible to anyone that walks by. Whenever possible, he would be playing with my clit and needless to say I got quite turned on laying out completely nude. The sun on my titties and the periodic fingers probing inside my pussy were having their effects not to mention the number of men who kept repeatedly walking by me very slowly to get a good look. I know some of them had to be truckers because of the way they were dressed and being very shy and trying not act as if they were looking at me. That was pretty much the day until later that afternoon when most of the beach visitors were leaving and the place was getting mostly deserted. That is when up the beach a ways I noticed these two guys that had met up and stopped to chat. They had shorts on and baseball hats on but had their shirts off. I thought they looked like they could be truckers as this is a good stopping point for them to take a break and a walk along the beach. They appeared to know each other and one was talking to the other and pointing off in our direction. They were having quite to conversation so we took the opportunity to have hb take a few photos. We went down by the water and over by the rocks and he got some nice pictures. During that time the two truckers had quietly wandered down and were now right by us watching as I was posing for the photos. We took some water pictures and some on the sand and even some with my legs spread open very wide for a good view. All the while they watched and started up a conversation with my hb. I could see they were all enjoying the view of me and getting themselves all quite excited. Even with their shorts on it was pretty obvious all three of them had some big stiff protrusions pushing against their pants to escape. After a while we walked back to our beach camp and hb invited them to sit and visit for a while and have a cold drink. They purposely sat on the sand right in front of me so they could have a nice view of my well tanned and hard nipples as well as a straight on view right up my pussy. I tried to keep my legs closed because I was again so excited and turned on my pussy was soaking wet and I could feel my juices starting to slide down the side of my leg. But as you would expect, hb kept putting his hand on my leg and opening them up so the truckers could get a total view of my wet and very swollen clit and see how very wet and horny I was. It was driving me crazy. I wanted to just let all of them take me and fuck my pussy and shoot their loads of cum inside me. But as you all should know, that is off limits and not allowed. I think that is not right and I hope you will agree and post a comment on this blog with your thoughts. Anyway, getting back to the story, as they had to get back to their trucks and head down the road, they reluctantly got up to depart. But just before leaving they were told by hb they could each take turns having touching and fondling my boobies and then he let them rub their fingers over my clit and slide their fingers up inside my pussy for a minute to see how sloppy wet and turned on they had gotten me. It was embarrassing but hot as all get out. I was so horny and just wanted to cum right there so bad but hb made me wait until we got back to the RV parked up top. I think I had about six orgasms within thirty minutes! What a trip. I can’t wait for the next one. Should I post some of the photos? Cassie aka Cat
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My wife Cindy and I were getting ready to travel to High Rock Lake in Salisbury, NC to visit some of her family.  I persuaded Cindy to wear a short black skater skirt and a thin white button-up blouse for the trip.  Her blouse wasn’t actually see-through, but her nipples were noticeable through her blouse and you could see the darkness of her nipples showing through.

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Naked Ride On Interstate 57 & 70

On Friday afternoon the wife sent me a text stating she had started drinking Margaritas while still working setting up a dinner for work at a local lodge.  She said "Had one margarita so far, and it tasted really good,this may be our lucky night"  Being as she is ready to quit her job I thought "OH SHIT", she's going to tell them "Take This Job And Shove it", tonight after things are over.

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Our latest trip

Bubbles and I had some time so we took a trip to the mountains. We had planned it for a week counting the days till we left. We started on 64 heading west to 75 south . As usual bubbles was ready to let the girls out. as soon as we hit the highway somehow the girls came out for the first truck. Too bad he was on his phone and missed the show. She played with several drivers along the way a few of which I got pics of them looking . As she played I had the chore of making sure every driver had a good chance of getting a view. I'm sure most enjoyed the show when they looked upon the girls. On our return trip we were passing a convoy of several trucks listening to them talking about her having her tits out and how good they looked. Just as we were getting into it there was a backup starting . It seems there was a police chase that ended just ahead of us. We were lucky and jumped off the exit at the 90 mile marker to fuel and empty our bladders. The drivers were looking for her in the back up all the while we were getting fuel. When we were ready to return to the road we ended up ahead of the back up. Sorry guys but it just worked out that way. The rest of the way home she got to play with a few more guys but they were far and few between. I hope someone from here was in the mix. If not maybe next time. Keep your eyes open and looking left We will be out there listening and if your nice you may get to get your own show.


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My $5.00 tip!

What a wonderful weekend I had! We are redoing our kitchen with new cabinets (finally!) and he went to the kraftmaid warehouse sale in Warren, 3 1/2 hours away. This was the third trip up there, and this time he could'nt go so I said I could go? After looking at me like I was crazy, and alot of pleading, he said ok! But "don't expect much, it's a complicated process, it's luck of the draw, you need to know what your doing, even if you find anything, they wont help you load it, blah blah blah."

So off on my little road trip I went,  and had to leave Friday since the sale starts so early at 6:00 in the morning. He told me there is a days inn pretty close, so I went there. I didnt have any luck on the trip up with my flashing and was kinda bummed, but when I got to the hotel it was kinda fun, and had a full length window and a little balcony. The first thing I did was open the curtains, and watched some tv. There was an enterprise rent a truck that pulled in the lot, and yes I went topless. After the two guys kept walking back to the truck and carrying nothing back to the room, I figured they saw me and give a gal some wine and alone in a hotel room with open curtains, and even though they wernt real truckers, they were driving a truck, of sorts, kinda, right? So after walking around topless brushing my hair, I pulled my panties down to show everything. I really don't know if they saw much, but kinda think they did since they stayed in the truck a long time.

So in the morning, I got there early and found stuff I wanted, and bought lots of stuff! The guy that got assisned to me to haul it to the curb chatted a bit, and said you able to get this in your vehicle? My part is done. I said yes, I'll manage. I was wearing a really thin white top, kinda see through, and a jacket over it. I took my jacket off, and gave him at $5.00 tip for the help. He kept looking at my little tits and helped me load the stuff I got! Best $5.00 I ever spent! Lol! I was going to give him more, reaching for my purse, and he waved me off, saying "my pleasure to help you"!

When I got home (the trip back home was intense, I'll blog that next) he was totally shocked, as in, I got lots of stuff and he asked how I got it loaded? I just said never underestimate a woman! LOL!



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Return Trip From Dallas

I have had several requests to relate what happened on our way home from Texas so here it goes.

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Stressed afterthoughts

After what I did yesterday, I'm really feeling guilty. I guess that happens for me alot, if I go out of my comfort zone. My first blog I did last night was alot more detailed, but it didnt take and I forgot some stuff, and redid it really late last night. 

I guess I'm learning to work around my guilty feeling, in a way but not in all ways, yet. I can't stop doing this, I just take a little time off pretending to myself I can and will stop, will be no more flashing and I'll go back to being a good girl. I promise myself this all the time. I even promised myself this last night after my blog post, and then not 10 minutes later I wanted my toy again, and used it slowly at first and turned it higher. I didnt even notice till last night, it lights up with a blue glow (thats the only blue lights I ever want to see!) 

I started caressing my breasts, and squeezing my really sensitive nipples, which makes me tingle. My new toy sent waves of pleasure, which got really intense when i turned it up, and I started fantasizing about those trucks. 4 of the 5 of them said really positive things, only one said "y'all can have her". One of the others said I was good looking, and a couple others commented about my body. When I came again last night, I was pretending I had all of them at once except the one guy who I wouldnt let touch me. It was just a fantasy, but it really worked and I had to muffle my orgasam, I usually whimper and end up making way to much noise but my SO does'nt know I'm doing any of this.

So back to the guilt again :(. I've always been realy, really submissive and in a way I'm feeling kinda emboldened, like I have a real choice now in who I allow myself to submit to. This is really new feeling for me, and I think I like it, alot. I'm starting to feel less like a girl, and more like a woman, if that makes any sense. All these feelings are so new and I'm trying to process it all.

I remember in college, a quote from Oscar Wilde who said the only way to yield to temptation, is to yield to it. At the time that really made me angry, but I'm starting to see some truth in it. 

So unless I do what I promised and stop, I'll be flashing again soon. In fact I think Wednesday is my next day off so I'll need more batteries both for my toy and my CB :)



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OMG...and my new toy :)

Finally after what seems like forever I got out for what I hoped would be a really fun day. After getting a quick honk early, and a flash, I went over an hour with nothing. So I did a little shopping instead, and got myself a new pair of panties and a purple vibrator that can fit in my purse. Then back to the road.

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Off topic...my first kiss :)

Well, my first bi kiss that is. For some reason, I think about this alot at times, so thought I'd share. This was a couple years ago, in the summer when we were living in New England in a cute little town. I still miss New England for so many reasons.

It was a summer late evening, and he was at a conference and I was enjoying a little wine and sitting outside. It was a Sunday, I remember for a reason that will be clear soon lol. Otherwise I wouldnt remember. I was watching the traffic and the tourists walking up and down main street, and i was wearing a purple flowered skirt, and purple pantyhose, and a lavender top. A lady had already walked by two or three times, and finally asked if I had a cigarette, which I did, so I gave her one and she sat down beside me. She was pretty tippsy, and said I looked cute, and looked dressed right for a Sunday, had I gone to church? I lied and said yes, this morning I had and never changed. I really dont know why I lied, just in new england ladies dont dress in skirts and such much. 

She asked what I was drinking, I said wine, and said I had alot with that whole bottle, would she like a glass? She said that would be nice. We talked for a long time, well she talked mostly, I just listened lol. As it turns out, she had an argument with her boyfriend, and got out of the car and he drove off and asked me for a ride home. At first I said no, but after some more wine I said yes. (I know! super bad idea to have wine and drive anywhere!) She wanted him to come get her at first, but he wouldn't. 

After hearing her talk, I really felt bad for her, and when walking to the car I gave her a kiss on her cheek. I instantly regretted, and couldnt believe I did that but then she commented "Don't even tell me your bi!" I said no, I'm not, I'm so sorry but when we got in the car she gave me a kiss but not on my cheek. My lips, and she was kinda aggressive about it, and I should have resisted but I just let it go, and she was agressive, but so...soft too somehow, I just let it happen.

My mind was a swirl, and when she started touching my little breasts, I reached out and touched hers. Then I was under shirt and bra, and OMG I was so jeaulous and couldnt help but touch her, and carress her beauty. Then she lifted my top, and suckled on my breasts. She tried to touch me too, but commented "damn pantyhose".

I'm not sure why we stopped at that point, I guess I was too nervous by then at all this, and nothing else happened except for some chat and me driving her home. We did change numbers, and texted for a few times the next few days but never did do anything further and just drifted away. But I always will remember my first, and only, kiss and almost bi experience :)

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Scared for life!!!

Ok, not really lol, but I'm the one that's supposed to be flashing! I was in the pickup, since I was told that gives the best view, and was paying attention to my truckers and did get a honk, then noticed a car was pacing me after the honk. It was a green saturn I think, or something green that sat low.

Usually I cant see down to far in the pickup, except in low cars, and it was a guy who was touching himself. I guess I shouldn't have been, but I was kinda shocked. I couldn't help but watch, I didn't want to but couldn't help myself. I guess he finished his business, because he gave me a thumbs up and sped off. Yuck!

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Part two

Shoot! I should have done this sooner, when it was still fresh for me, but going to try to remember the rest of this, even if its a blur now.

I went my usual route, west on 70 to Richmond exit then back east 70 to home. I got a coupe comments before turning around, the best was "that lady has it going on!" but I was to close to Indiana and had to trun around. Well there is a rest area a few mile from the border, so I pulled in to wait for some trucks. A few went by, then finally a pack of four or five so I quickly got back on 70 east. I easily caught up, and started passing them. Then I got a comment on my cb, which has a short range, so I thought it was close by besides, the comment was right after I passed a couple trucks. It was something like, "girl those legs must be cold". I was wearing my bikini bottoms and a tank top.I was in the pick up again. I did'nt respond. 

The cb chatter was good there, and someone else asked what he was seeing, he said that burgandy pickup. Shes wearing shorts (I wasnt lol0 with legs that don't stop. I had just passed all those trucks, but the next was a far ways off so instead of speeding up, I slowed down a little. When the honk came, I dropped my top. I guess I got the trucker that make the comment about my legs, it was the same voice that said about my legs. He said something about titties. The next trucker sped up a bit, then the third. Someone else said shes out here making everyone happy. My heart was racing again, and my nipples hard. This went on a abit, and with other chatter I remained a topic of conversation!

The first gentleman commented I was teasing him, that he got a good look 4 or 5 times. Someone else said, yeah I got a look at those too. So for the second time, I pulled my bottom down, and started to touch myslef when he stayed right by my window. I didnt cum this time, i heard the sound of the rumble strips and heard on the cd "damn, girl!". 

Anyway, this wet on for about 20 miles or so. Part of the chatter was "Westbound, how we looking over your shoudler?" The relpy was priceless!!! It was something like, looking good back to Columbus, we havent seen anything....We also havnt seen any pickup trucks"


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A tale of two (or a few) trucks :)

Omg, just omg...I think i"m going too fast now, its just I can't seem to stop what I'm doing but dont know if I want too. 

Last week was a first for me, and SO intense. Just as I got comfortable to showing off my breasts, over the past few weeks, a trucker who I passed last week speed up a bit to keep paced with me. He didnt honk or anything, so I couldnt at first tell if he was interested in a view or not. Being really shy, I dont usually even look over at my truckers, but when he was pacing me, I pulled my top down, to show. He didnt comment on the cb or anything, just paced me for awhile. I sped up, then he did. I slowed, then he did...My top was till down, and my heart was racing. Usually when I do this, they will honk and appreciate and that makes me happy. Id never had a trucker stay with me and pace me this way. I finally did look over, and he had his window down and was trying to yell something. I held up my left hand to show my ring, and I could read his lips, I think, saying "I know"". That didnt have the effect I thought it might, and really didnt know what to do. So I thought ok, ill improve the show and caress my breasts, play with my nipples, and he will be happy. Then he honked. And kinda kept pace with me, I was on left in a middle lane of I70. It was so intense...

What else could I do? He seemed to want more, too see more,I really didnt know what to do or what I should do, so for the first time ever I pulled my panties down, a bit, to my thighs. He honked again and we played cat and mouse a bit, and I had my top up at this time, he kept pacing me, it was so freeing feeling. I coulndt resist, so I started touching myslef, for him, I guess but maybe for myself, or both, I dont even know I just did it. There was no more honking, but a bit of traffic was about then. I kinda lost control, my head thrashed back and my back arched as i orgasamed and my pickup I was in wobbled as I swevered a bit. I held my hand across my chest, and was gasping, I coulndt believe I had done this or was doing this. He kept pace with me and seemed to want more?, so I tried again and had a second orgasam. I slowed to recover, he went past me, and I took the next exit, in part to recover, in part ashamed at what I did, In part hoping he took a pic or vid of me...

guess that was only a tale of one truck not two or a few, but guess I'll save that for my next post lol

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How I started

Well, I tried to write this last night, but the site kept crashing on me so guess it didn't take. Sitting here with a glass of wine so thought I'd try again :) I'm really new to flashing trucks, but not so new to showing off. Which really is kinda weird, because i'm really very, very shy. At first, I was a lights out kind of girl. Until Cleveland lol.

My bf was at a conference, and he invited me and we got to stay at the Renassance hotel, which was really spectacular. He was in work things all day, so I went shopping and got some new things for going out that night (Including a pair of red heeled shoes and a black dress). It was really fun, and we went out to the rock and roll hall of fame, and then a few bars nearby there. I was pretty tipsy by the time we made it back to the hotel, and kept stumbling in the hall and into the room, and went straight to the bathroom.

When I came out, he had every single light in the room on, and the curtains wide open. He had done that before, but I would always pull the drapes. This time, as I was stumbling, he picked me up and put me on the bed closest to the window, and started to kiss me, alot. He took my dress off, and when I started to take off my shoes he asked me to leave them on, said they were hot, and i looked really good and sexy. This went on for a little time, then I was nude except my shoes, when he whispered to me "I think we are being watched", but as I was turning my head to see, he entered me, and everything was so intense and i just started moving my hips wildly. One of my shoes fell off. To this day, I really don't know if anyone was watching or not, but it didn't matter. An exhibitionist was born lol.

The thought of flashing trucks, well that's really new. I was driving in my car, not long ago, and wasn't really dressed sexy at all I don'Need a little help!t think, was in a semi short skirt and a low cut blouse with a push-up bra and a truck honked twice at me. I should have flashed him, but it took me a minute to realize he must have been honking for me, so ever since I've tried to do what I can to help out :)

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My 1st flash... well, 2nd flash

I wrote this story back in version one of FAT & I couldn't find it so I thought I'd share it again as a new post for the new members that didn't see it & for the vets who enjoyed it. 

My first flash was a little red headed girl (Debbie) in the first grade. Whether she somewhat knew what she was doing or whether she was just being naughty, I don't know but, when the teacher left the room one day, she would show any one who wanted to see. I knew her as she grew up & graduated. She was a very naughty girl & married one of the "Bad Boys" in our small town. 

The first real sexual flash happened again in school but in the 7th grade & was an older woman this time.... the teacher. 

While I was like 12 or 13 years old, I thought she was a real woman at that time & I was excited that a REAL woman, was giving me a show. In reality, I think she was probably right out of college & probably only 21 or 22 years old. Miss Ashley was a dark haired beauty with olive skin, maybe 5' 3 & 100 - 110 lb. 

I was kinda a bad boy in my teenaged years & I would somewhat get into trouble in school, occasionally. In Miss Ashley's class, if you were bad, you would have to sit in the front of the class, facing the class, in one of two desks she had backed up against the black board, in humility. The two desks were kinda, right side a couple of feet & back about a foot or so behind the teachers desk. 

You have to keep in mind, this was 1972 & mini skirts were the normal attire for young ladies at that time. Even with that in mind, this young lady wore exceptionally short skirts... mini skirts which certainly now would never be acceptable for a teacher & I highly doubt was acceptable back then. How she got away with this, I dont know unless she was pumping the principal.. an old angry codger in my opinion. 

Any way, Miss Ashley's desk, again, was slightly in front & to the left of the two student desks of which I spent some time in. Her desk also faced the class while her back was also to the black board. Her trash can was on the left side of her desk... on the side... about half way the desk. If she needed to throw away paper/trash, the position of her trash can dictated that she stand, bend over toward the left side of her desk far enough to see her trash can on the left side of her desk to ensure the paper went into the trash can. Keep in mind, the two "bad boy" student desks were slightly behind her to her right. 

Lets get right to the point. She wore thigh high stockings with garter belts & no panties. Let me sum up buy saying she was a pretty hairy woman. Which I enjoyed & am still fond of. 

To Miss Ashley. Where ever you are today. I think of you often & I sincerely & with all honesty, thank you for the education you provided to me. I will never forget you. I hope one day, wherever & if we should meet, I will be able to give you a hug & say thank you. 

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Just a short trip

We decided to make a short run to Huntington Friday evening . The weather was nice and Bubbles was feeling frisky. We entered the highway and had a couple of trucks in front of us. I worked my way to the cab of the first truck and Bubbles sat up in the seat getting ready . When the driver looked over Bubbles started giggling and told me he looked shocked at the site. She loves to catch them off guard. We pulled up to the next driver who didn't seem to excited that she was showing. I saw another truck just in front and when we pulled along  him she took some pics. He was playful so we stayed with him for awhile. We had to exit which he hated that and blew her a kiss as we exited. Not much luck on the return home but she did make a few guys smile that day.

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One afternoon my wife and I decided to go to the movies she was dressed conservatively in a pair of nice khaki shorts and a loose fitting top. The theater was in a neighboring town about 20 miles away. Just as we topped a hill I saw the flashing lights of a patrolman. "shit " I said road block put your seat belt on quick. We pulled up to the patrolman and he asked for my drivers license which I gave him. He started to look at them when my wife said something about a lot of deer close to the road. Their was a couple minutes of small talk, none of which I was included in. He never looked at me or my license. Finally he said " I'm getting backed up here, drive safe " As we pulled away I gave my wife my license and told her to put them in my wallet, and glanced at my wife and did a double take. I said no wonder he stared at you so much, when you put you seat belt on it pulled your sweater over and your whole left tit is hanging out. Good thing she said your driver license is expired !

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First flashing, then having a threesome right off of Hwy 101

 Besides giving blowjobs to over a dozen drivers I have flashed over the years, I have had sex with 7 drivers; including a co-driver on one of the trucks.  That "two-some" happened last summer.  They were driving a large produce truck, and had just left Santa Maria area headed towards LA when I flashed them as I passed heading back to my home north of LA myself.  We played what the driver told me later he called "road tag" for several miles, and even swapped lanes so that the co-driver (a really cute guy!) could look down into my car as well. He actually had a bad angle, so he yelled out at me to take the next off-ramp, which was the Los Alamos exit.  We made a couple of right turns, and there was this large antique store that kind of looked like an old barn building that had a good sized dirt parking lot.  The store was closed up for the night; even though it was still very light outside; and ours were the only vehicles in the parking lot.  And, since I had parked to the right of the truck, my car was not visible from the main street that went by.  I got out of my car, the co-driver dropped out of his door and the driver came around between our cars.

After a couple of minutes of their talking about where they were headed and thanking me for flashing them, they asked for a close-up view.  So, my shirt came off, my skirt went up (had already taken my panties off to flash in the car), and they took some pics with their cell phones.  The co-driver asked me to spread my legs a bit for a better picture, and he dropped down onto a knee to take a close-up picture of my pussy with his cell phone.  After I think the third picture he took, he licked me a few times down there.  It felt good, and since I didn't stop him, he proceeded to continue to really use his tongue.  After a minute or so, he then also started to finger fuck me while the older driver started fondling my breasts and sucking on my nipples.  After a few minutes of this, the younger guy got up and went behind me while the older driver unzipped.  I was bent over at the waist by the younger guy, which put my head and mouth right in line with the older guys cock.  About the same time the older guy put his cock into my mouth for a blowjob, the younger guy started fucking me from behind.


The younger guy came in just a few minutes, so they reversed positions, with the older guy fucking me from behind and the younger guy getting a blowjob to get hard again.  The older guy came a few minutes later, and when he pulled out, the younger guy went around and fucked me a second time while the older guy zipped up and then played with my tits and nipples that were hanging down since I was still bent over at the waist.

Since I wasn't giving the older guy a blowjob, it left my head able to look around a little, and I saw the two men giving each other knowing winks and laughs.  It took the younger guy another 10 minutes to come, and when he was done, they both zipped up.


As they were getting ready to get back into their truck, I heard the younger guy call the older guy "dad", which floored me!!!!  I asked if they were father and son, and they said yes!!  I had never had sex with two men that were related before, and I was speechless!  I didn't say anything more as I got cleaned up and dressed.  I took off going south onto Hwy 101 before they did, so never saw them again...

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Just a Nice Ride

This is how my wife remembers this memorable night.

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Day at the Nude Beach with Truckers

It had been foggy along the coast for several days and I was a bit depressed, but this morning I woke up to sunshine and blue sky.  I told my hubbie, I wanted to spend a day at the beach.  He immediately knew exactly what I was interested in doing.

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