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Best Christmas Gift Ever/Introduction to Site

So I was doing a little spring cleaning on the computer and came across something I wrote several years ago. In fact, it was the first thing I ever put on this site (the original version). Because that version of the site lost everything, I thought I'd lost the telling of this story. The pics that accompany this tale are still on our profile so for those of you who like a sexy story to go along with sexy photos here's what led us to become regular contributors to this great site:


I just joined this site a few weeks ago and in my introduction said I'd be sharing some stories of my wife's flashing adventures and maybe, if we all were lucky, convince her in time to share a pic or two. Little did I know then just how turned on she'd be about the whole idea and to what lengths my horny little vixen would go to make my Christmas a memorable one. So before I get into some cool stories/hot pics from the past, I have to tell you about my sexiest Christmas gift ever. So after opening up all of our gifts, my wife informs me I had one more she'd been saving. I open it up and discover a vibrator. I was a little confused, but knowing her, I knew I was in for fun. She asked me to keep looking in the package and when I did I found a thumb drive and I rushed to our computer to see what pics I assumed were on it. I wasn't disappointed.

The thumb drive contained not only pics, but a slideshow/movie with narration that contained the story behind the purchase of the vibrator. Dressed in her sexy boots, short skirt, and no panties, my wife had taken selfies on the road as she drove past trucks while letting her skirt ride up. She stopped at a rest area that is great for flashing and proceeded to give a show of her pretty pussy both in and out of her vehicle to several obviously appreciative truck drivers. Still horny and not satisfied that she had managed to get the "money shot" photo she was looking for to blow my mind, she proceeded to an adult store/truck stop and was very pleased by the attention she was receiving from several of the trucker customers. A few followed her around while she contemplated her next move. She picked out the vibrator, and after working up the courage, approached one customer and asked for a favor. She informed him she was buying the toy as surprise for her husband, but wondered if he would mind taking a pic of her with the vibrator. He of course eagerly agreed. She then told him that because it was a sexy surprise, she wasn't wearing any panties under her short skirt, and if it wouldn't offend him, she would like to raise her skirt for the photograph. Naturally, he told her that wouldn't be a problem at all. At this point, the dude's buddy was also watching what was going down. Both guys watched in awe as my wife raised her skirt and showed them her shaved pussy. The photographer took an extra shot for safety (unsurprisingly) while his buddy remarked that any husband would be thrilled with such a surprise. My wife looked at the photos with her new best friend and after deciding it was the shot she had wanted, purchased her vibrator and came home with me none-the -wiser.

I was shocked at her bravery and sense of adventure. She relayed the story to me and as we looked at the photos I bent her over the computer and rewarded her behavior by fucking her brains out. While being fucked she remarked that this story and the photos might make a good introduction "for that site you found." I couldn't agree more and I think you will too.


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Great Driver Reaction

It's all about the quality and not the quantity I always say. We didn't have a tremendous number of flashing opportunities in 2017, but when we did we made them count. In fact, two of our more recent efforts were probably the best, and hottest, flashing adventures we've EVER had. I'll write more about the most recent one in another blog, but this one from earlier in 2017 produced one of the best driver reactions we'd ever had.

The wife had been feeling pretty sexy, and had decided to surprise me with a flashing day. It wasn't planned, at least on my end, but it was obvious that she had put some thought into it. We had someplace to be but little did I know the drive would turn into one of those kinds of drives that we all love so much.  She had on a new dress that she was wearing for the first time and as soon as I saw her I had a feeling that she was feeling frisky (and was perhaps without her underwear.) She also had packed herself a few mini-bottles of wine to start loosening up and feeling good. Her "go bag" was packed with the goodies she'd need, including her lucky traveling vibrator. This wasn't going to be as boring of a trip as I'd first thought.

It didn't take long for her to show me my suspicions were correct and that her freshly shaved pussy was only inches from the bottom of her short dress. She had spread to face me as I drove, but I knew by the way she was sipping her wine and smiling that devilish smile that it would only be a matter of time before she was trying to show some lucky truckers as well. Wine, afterall, goes straight to her pussy she had always told me.

Very quickly she was getting some attention and she played with several drivers who seemed most appreciative. However, once we found the one, we knew we had to pace him a little longer and give him a better show. Boy did we. For nearly an hour we would pull alongside and Mrs. Ghost would play for him. Whenever traffic became an issue, we'd pull in front of him and then back left to let him pull back along side. It was one of the longest flashing opportunities we'd had. We had selected our driver because of the instant and over-the-top reactions he showed. See fellas, it pays to honk horns, make eye contact, smile, etc. The more love you show, the more you get back in return. Our voyeur gave his appreciation in spades. He would gesture, lick his lips, etc. He even was begging us to stop so that he could go down on her. We're a look but don't touch couple of teasers, but it was still flattering and he wasn't so over the top with it that it ruined anything (quite the opposite really, it just caused Mrs. Ghost to work harder to excite him.)

In our video (oh yes, there's video) you can really tell Mrs. Ghost is into it. The video shows the best driver reactions I've ever managed to capture (him begging to go down on her). In the video she's leaning back on me so that she can show him the vibrator going in and the whole time she's giggling like a schoolgirl she was having such fun. (And as a bonus, her reflection in the side window captures the truckers view.) I couldn't have planned it better and it was total luck. I had quickly grabbed my camera because she normally plays and takes pics but she was a little buzzed and so caught up in the playing that she wasn't using her phone. I grabbed mine and shot blindly and man did it work out! 

And this was only the second best bit of exhibitionism we had in 2017 :-)

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What was the most weird flash you have seen or done?

Hey drivers in all the years that you have been driving and looking left what was the craziest or weirdest flash you saw?

Mine was the "Beast with two backs"...

It happened on a Sunday morning down on Interstate 10 in Mississippi. I had been driving for a couple of hours and there was light traffic. I noticed a truck weaving back and forth but not really traveling at a fast speed.. My speed was around 55mph. I kept watching as it was getting closer..

When the driver moved to the left lane to pass something didn't quite look right. I kept watching the mirror as they progressed up beside me. I could finally see that there was a person sitting in the driver seat facing the rear of the cab. And no clothing was seen from the waist up as they got closer..

The female partner was naked and sitting on the drivers lap. He was driving with one hand on the wheel, balancing her with the other, and letting the bouncing of the seat do the action for them. He was having a little trouble seeing around her due to the well endowed breasts sticking in his face. They both looked at me and grinned as they pulled along side and stayed there for about 3 miles. Interesting to watch for sure. Traffic start to pick up so they  sped up and went on down the road..

In about 10 miles I saw the sapphire blue lights of a state trooper on the shoulder behind a truck. Unfortunately the trooper didn't think you should be driving with some one on your lap. I think oral intercourse would have been less noticeable...

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Cassie and the Beer Bottle Encounter

I know many of you have seen the pictures posted in my album of me and my beer bottle and how erotic I find the experience of using it in a sexual manner to stimulate myself. I thought all of you who enjoy those pictures might like to know how I came to derive such sexual pleasure from this activity. So here is the story.
It began one evening some years ago when I lived in Texas. As any single girl would do, me and my girlfriends would frequently go to different bars and hang out in hopes of meeting up with guys. Well one night I found myself in this small bar. It had a dance floor and jukebox. I started out with a friend there drinking dancing and just having fun. Sometime around midnight my girlfriend said she was going to leave with this cute cowboy she met and asked if I wanted to go with them. I told her I would be fine and I would see her the next day.
As the evening progressed I somehow ended up at the bar with these two guys and the next thing I know we are all doing shots of tequila. I had a very short jean skirt on and a button down blouse tied at my waist with no bra . I always liked the freedom and how my boobs would move around as I was dancing. The blouse was white with those little holes in it. It was shear enough for my nipples to kind of show through a bit, but, hopefully not enough to look trashy. As the night got later and started to near closing time the boys started kissing and fondling me. I have to admit I was a bit intoxicated and was kind of enjoying their hands all over me. They were taking some liberty and before long had a few buttons on my blouse undone so they could reach in and play with my titties. I have always had very sensitive nipples and when they are played with I get extremely turned on. The more we kissed and they played with me the more excited I got and it was pretty evident. At some point as you would expect, one of them found his way under my skirt and was rubbing my pussy. At first I tried to push his hand away but it felt so good, I finally gave in and let him rub his fingers on the outside of my panties.
That lasted for a while then they decided it would be better if they put me up on the bar. I think the owner had closed up by now so except for these two cowboys, the place was empty. Once they had me sitting up on the bar they continued to fondle my boobs and I think a few more buttons came undone because I realized they had my titties totally exposed for them to look at and play with to their hearts content. As you would expect, eventually that was not enough and they started removing my panties. I tried to resist but the tequila had kicked in and I was gamed for just about anything at that time. Now they had me up on the bar, my top is totally open with my titties exposed and then have me with my panties off and my legs spread open on the bar so they can play with my pussy and rub my now very swollen and horny clit. The more they played with me the more my juices started flowing and it was not long before I was so wet they were having fun sliding their fingers in and out of my pussy. This was so nasty and I knew I should not be doing this but it felt so good. That is when it started!
One of these smart boys just finished a beer. I do remember it was one of those long neck bottles. He decided to show his friend what fun it might be to take that beer bottle and start fucking me with it. At first he just played around on the outside of my pussy lips with it running it up and down then as his friend fingered my clit, he started slowly entering my pussy with the head of the beer bottle. I know I gasped when he first started to slide it up and I tried to resist but I was so very wet, he met no resistance from my vagina allowing him to enter me with that beer bottle. Then he started sliding it in and out and a bit further up each time until it had stretched me to take the fat part of the bottle inside my pussy. He and his friend were just having a great time fucking me with that beer bottle and it was not long after that I had this huge mind blowing orgasm right in front of them. They thought they had found a secret weapon for getting girls all turned on and it worked on me. They continued for several more minutes sliding that beer bottle in and out of my pussy while playing with my clit and nipples until I came at least two more times. I was so hot, horny and drained from those orgasms I did not put up any fight when each of them asked to fuck my pussy. I let both of them take turns while I gladly sucked the other ones cock giving each of them a night they probably still remember and tell their friend about to this day.
What I ended up with is a fetish for beer bottles. Not all the time, mind you, but every so often, having my pussy taken with a beer bottle and getting fucked good with it just drives me to a level of orgasm that is indescribably delicious. I am making myself want it again as I am writing this story so I am going to end it .
Now you all know my beer bottle story. I hope you will go back for a second look at the pictures I have posted in the beer bottle album. Please post a comment I love reading them. Cat
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This past Saturday we decided to take a drive on I-64 W towards Huntington, WV.  As soon as we got on the interstate, I unbuttoned Cindy's blouse.  When we would come up on a trucker, I would push her blouse open, exposing bother her boobs.  Unfortunately we didn't come up on but a very few truckers and none of them seemed interested in looking left.

We drove to the Catlettsburg, KY exit and turned around and headed back home.  By this time there wasn't much daylight left, so didn't really expect anything to happen.  After crossing back over into WV we came upon a truck.  I again pushed Cindy's blouse open, exposing her boobs if this trucker happened to look, which he did.   I matched his speed until traffic began to build up behind me, so I pulled ahead, let the traffic pass, and then pulled back over in the left lane and let him catch back up.  We did this for several miles.

Cindy said that the driver was smiling and that he was indicating that he wanted us to pull over.  I asked her if she wanted to pull over, expecting her to tell me no.  Well, she surprised me by saying she did.  I told her to give him the ok and she said he gave her the ok back.  Since we were approaching the Welcome Center in Huntington, WV we pulled back over in front of him.

We pulled into the Welcoming Center and into the truck parking area.  The trucker pulled in next to us on Cindy's side and got out.  He came to Cindy's window and said that he had enjoyed the view and was hoping for a closer look.  Since Cindy had pulled her blouse to cover her boobs before we pulled into the Welcome Center, I reached over and pushed it back exposing both her boobs to him and asked if this was what he wanted to see up close.  He said it was and then asked if he could touch them.  I told him he had to ask Cindy.  He asked Cindy and she just shook her head yes.  He began to fondle her boobs and play with her nipples, making them rock hard.  Without any warning, he then leaned in the window and began to suck on one of her boobs. I expected Cindy to stop this, but she just closed her eyes and gave out a little moan.  After sucking her boob for a while, he asked her if he could see more and she turned her head to me and asked me what I thought.  I told her it was up to her and then told him ok.

The trucker opened the car door and told Cindy to turn in the seat facing him.  He then put his hands on her legs and moved them up, pushing her short skirt up past her panties.  He then began to rub her pussy thru her panties and mentioned how wet she was.  He then pulled her panties down her legs and off, placing them in his pocket.  He began to finger her pussy and she began to squirm and moan.  He then asked her if he could put it in and she said no.  He fingered her until she climaxed.  Afterwards I asked her if she would help him get some relief and she said she would give him a handjob.  I watched as Cindy unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out.  Cindy stroked him until  he climaxed and I don't think she was thinking about where his cum was going to shoot.   When he climaxed he shot his cum all over her boobs and stomach.  She sort of gasped when the first load hit her but continued stroking his cock until he was finished climaxing.

Cindy then turned in the seat and closed the door.  We said our goodbyes and pulled out of the Welcome Center.

On the drive home, I rubbed the trucker's cum into Cindy's boobs and even got some on my finger and rubbed it on her lips.  I even got her to suck his cum off my finger a couple of times and asked her how it tasted and she said good.

This was the first time that I have gotten to watch Cindy do anything with a trucker or any other man for that matter and I have to admit that I really enjoyed it.

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Another Trip to the Mountains.

Bubbles and I had a long weekend trip planned for a trip south. We headed out Friday morning so we had plenty of time to play. Bubbles was ready to show and I was ready to watch her play. As we headed west on 64 we had a few drivers look with little or no interest.  Some as usual were on there phones. However we did come upon one driver who was playful. I'm sure it's the same with other flashers the more interest one gets the better the show. Well he was playful . Bubbles was teasing him and he was responding well. He kept wanting to get to touch her goods giving the hand signal of squeezing them. Being in a playful mood she got on the CB and asked to see his tool. He replied with that's going to be a little tough. He slowed down and  as I watched in the mirror I could see him struggle. He came along side us  standing up with his tool out.  If you have read our other stories you know of Anthony. This driver was a black guy and fair looking. Bubbles told me we could let him have a feel if we could find a place to pull over. We were close to our split getting ready to head south on 75 so I knew there was no rest area . I let him know over the radio what she had said. He was stroking his tool as she played watching him and giving me the play by play. He was going to be going north on 75 so I let her know we may have to detour for a bit to accomplish the pull over. Before we got to the exit Bubbles told me to go ahead south because he had finished in his hand and showed her. This was a turn on for her knowing she had that affect on him. We the trip continued with us talking and her doing her thing. She was getting very excited and pulled out one of her toys. I let her know she wasn't to finish till we were parked. One truck pulled along side and saw what was going on so I paced it. Bubbles burst out laughing and explained there were 3 people in the truck another guy and a woman all looking as she played. this went o till we got on 40 east thinking we had lost them in traffic . I then heard him on the CB asking where we were. he could not catch up before we exited. The weekend was fun but it was time to leave for home. When we awoke it was raining this made Bubbles a little upset because it's hard to flash in the rain. So off we go in the rain. Talking of the things we had seen and done trying when we could to give a smile to a driver with little luck. Then all of a sudden we came upon another truck. Bubbles wasn't going to flash him as our luck hadn't been good so far. When we started along side of the truck I seen him looking in the mirror. She got ready and flashed him . He honked and I slowed down to give him another show. The same conversation was going on between us , he wants to see more she said. What do you mean I asked, he wants to touch was her reply. I asked her if she was up for it to which she stated she was.  so I got in front of him and exited into the rest area. That's when she informed me he looked Like Anthony and if the opportunity was there she wasn't going to let it get away again. I agreed . We pulled in the truck parking he came to out pick up smiling all the way. He was very polite and made small talk thanking us for making his day. Then he asked if he could kiss her girls? she opened the door and let him and he asked if he was going to get to see the rest of her? She spun around in the seat giving him a great view . I watched as his eyes gazed at her. Licking his lips he said I have one more request but I doubt that you will allow it. Bubbles asked what ? he asked if he could put it in ? Well all I can say is it was a great time had by all and Bubbles got to fulfil a bucket list item . She said the only thing that could have made it better is if it weren't raining and wasn't broad daylight. needless to say the rest of the trip home was filled with conversation too hot to handle. We can't wait to get back out this Friday and see what other items we can check off our list.

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Road Trip

If you read my previous story “Second Sleeper Tour”, you are aware of the experience my wife Cindy had at The Flying J truck stop in Wytheville, Va.  Well, he apparently had gotten Cindy’s cell phone number because he texted her that he would like to see her again and mentioned that he had a run to Morgantown, WV with a layover and asked her to go with him. 

Cindy and I discussed this over a few days and I told her that it was totally up to her if she wanted to go.  She said that she was curious to see what it was like traveling in a big truck and was also curious about how good truckers could see down in passing cars.  She finally decided that she would go and that if there was any problems, that she was call me and I would come and get her.

Well the day arrived that Cindy was to meet the trucker and I took her to the truck stop near Kanawha City.  We had a short wait until he arrived and while waiting, I asked Cindy if she was sure she wanted to do this and she said she did.  She did admit that she was nervous, but that she wanted to go through with it.

The trucker arrived and came over to the car.  We said hellos and he told me that he would take good care of Cindy.  He then took Cindy’s bag and led her to his truck. 

For the trip, Cindy was wearing a pair of jeans, a button up top with a bra.

While Cindy was gone she would text me that she was ok but wouldn’t go into any other details.

The day finally arrived for Cindy to return and I met them at the same truck stop near Kanawha City.  When I saw them walking toward the car, I was surprised at how Cindy was dressed.  She was wearing a really short skirt and a see-through blouse with no bra that didn’t leave anything to the imagination.

On the drive home I asked Cindy how her trip was and she said it was interesting but wouldn’t go into any details.  She would only say that she would tell me later. I told her that she looked great in that outfit and she said Mike (the trucker) bought it for her.

As soon as we got home we started fooling around and she told me the details of her trip.

She said that Mike pulled into the very first rest area that they came to, that he said that he couldn’t wait until they got to Morgantown.  He took her back in the sleeper and started kissing her while his hands roamed all over her body.  She said he didn’t waste any time in getting her undressed and fucking her.

She said that afterwards, Mike wanted her to ride in only her panties and top, with her top unbuttoned.  I asked if she did and she just smiled and shook her head yes.  She said that she rode the rest of the way to Morgantown that way, most of the time with her blouse wide open, that when she would start to cover her boobs that he would tell her not to.

She said that once they arrived at the delivery point that she started to put her jeans back on and he told her not to.  He gave her one of his big shirts to wear and she said it came down to about mid-thigh.

She said that Mike had arranged for a rental car and had also gotten a motel room.  She said that once they got to the room, Mike fucked her again until she climaxed and filled her with his cum.

She said that Mike asked her what kind of skirts or dresses she brought; she told him that she only brought jeans.  She said Mike didn’t seem very happy with her answer and only said that he would take her shopping.  She said after they ate, he took her shopping and bought her several outfits.

She said Mike would only let her wear the outfits he bought her for the remainder of the trip.  When she showed me the outfits, they all had one thing in common, there were all very revealing.

She said Mike took her to a bar that was frequented by truckers.  She said one trucker asked her to dance and when she did, he tried to feel her up and she stopped him.  She said once back at the table that Mike told her that she should have been nice to him, that the trucker spends long hours on the road away from home and a little feel wasn’t going to hurt anyone.  She said another trucker asked her to dance and Mike told her to go dance.  She said this trucker moved his hand down on her ass and she didn’t stop him.  She said she danced with several truckers and most either rubbed her ass or fondled her boobs.

She said the second night there,  Mike took her back to the same bar.  She said that she danced with Mike and several other truckers and that when they left the bar, she wasn’t feeling any pain from all the alcohol she had consumed.  Cindy said that when they left the bar, that one of the other truckers walked out with them and followed them to Mike’s car.  She said she just assumed that Mike was going to give him a ride somewhere but Mike drove straight to the motel.  She said that she just figured that he was staying there also, but he followed them to their room.

Cindy said that once in the room, Mike started kissing her and running his hands all over her body in front of the other trucker.  She said she wasn’t sure what was going on and asked Mike to stop, but he just kissed her again and whispered in her ear to relax and enjoy it.

She said that she got really nervous when Mike began to unbutton her blouse but couldn’t bring herself to stop him.  Cindy said that while Mike was kissing her and unbuttoning her blouse that the other trucker came up behind her and began to unfasten her skirt.  She said she didn’t know what to do, so she just stood there while Mike and the other trucker ran their hands all over her body.

She said she tried not to, but her body betrayed her and began to react to all the attention Mike and the other trucker were giving her.  Cindy said that she ended up in bed with both Mike and the other trucker and they had sex for most of the night.  She then asked me if I was mad at her and I kissed her and told her that no, I wasn’t mad.  She then admitted that she had climaxed multiple times with each of them.  I was curious, so I asked her if she sucked either of them and she shook her head yes.  I then asked her if they did her at the same time, she sucking one while one fucked her and she blushed and shook her head yes again.  She asked me if I hated her for that and I told her there was no way that I could hate her.

Later I asked her how the view was from the cab of the truck and she said you could see down in cars pretty good, that she was surprised that truckers could see so good down in cars as long as they weren’t passing very fast.

The next day Mike brought her home.

Cindy said that she enjoyed her trip but some things happened that she didn’t plan on.  I asked her if she would like to take another truck trip and she said she wasn’t sure, but maybe.

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Another Beach Trucker Encounter

Another Nude Beach Trip and Trucker Friends

Yes, I finally convinced my hb (hubbie) to take me on another trip to the nude beach this year. We had two wonderful days out on the sand. First day he was so excited, he had to have sex with me before we left to walk down to the beach. Hence I spent the day with my pussy quite swollen and wide open with cum slowly dripping out of it. Several guys walked very close to me and got a good look I am sure. It was pretty obvious that my pussy had been fucked but good and very recently. I think the guys walking by were enjoying having that very naughty view of my bare naked pussy with cum dripping out as many of them walked by a number of times. However, as It turned out to be a quiet day and I got a nice tan going. But wait for the second day!

A few days later we returned to the same beach. As usual, hb had my pussy totally bare so my clittie can be very visible to anyone that walks by. Whenever possible, he would be playing with my clit and needless to say I got quite turned on laying out completely nude. The sun on my titties and the periodic fingers probing inside my pussy were having their effects not to mention the number of men who kept repeatedly walking by me very slowly to get a good look. I know some of them had to be truckers because of the way they were dressed and being very shy and trying not act as if they were looking at me. That was pretty much the day until later that afternoon when most of the beach visitors were leaving and the place was getting mostly deserted. That is when up the beach a ways I noticed these two guys that had met up and stopped to chat. They had shorts on and baseball hats on but had their shirts off. I thought they looked like they could be truckers as this is a good stopping point for them to take a break and a walk along the beach. They appeared to know each other and one was talking to the other and pointing off in our direction. They were having quite to conversation so we took the opportunity to have hb take a few photos. We went down by the water and over by the rocks and he got some nice pictures. During that time the two truckers had quietly wandered down and were now right by us watching as I was posing for the photos. We took some water pictures and some on the sand and even some with my legs spread open very wide for a good view. All the while they watched and started up a conversation with my hb. I could see they were all enjoying the view of me and getting themselves all quite excited. Even with their shorts on it was pretty obvious all three of them had some big stiff protrusions pushing against their pants to escape. After a while we walked back to our beach camp and hb invited them to sit and visit for a while and have a cold drink. They purposely sat on the sand right in front of me so they could have a nice view of my well tanned and hard nipples as well as a straight on view right up my pussy. I tried to keep my legs closed because I was again so excited and turned on my pussy was soaking wet and I could feel my juices starting to slide down the side of my leg. But as you would expect, hb kept putting his hand on my leg and opening them up so the truckers could get a total view of my wet and very swollen clit and see how very wet and horny I was. It was driving me crazy. I wanted to just let all of them take me and fuck my pussy and shoot their loads of cum inside me. But as you all should know, that is off limits and not allowed. I think that is not right and I hope you will agree and post a comment on this blog with your thoughts. Anyway, getting back to the story, as they had to get back to their trucks and head down the road, they reluctantly got up to depart. But just before leaving they were told by hb they could each take turns having touching and fondling my boobies and then he let them rub their fingers over my clit and slide their fingers up inside my pussy for a minute to see how sloppy wet and turned on they had gotten me. It was embarrassing but hot as all get out. I was so horny and just wanted to cum right there so bad but hb made me wait until we got back to the RV parked up top. I think I had about six orgasms within thirty minutes! What a trip. I can’t wait for the next one. Should I post some of the photos? Cassie aka Cat
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Naked Ride On Interstate 57 & 70

On Friday afternoon the wife sent me a text stating she had started drinking Margaritas while still working setting up a dinner for work at a local lodge.  She said "Had one margarita so far, and it tasted really good,this may be our lucky night"  Being as she is ready to quit her job I thought "OH SHIT", she's going to tell them "Take This Job And Shove it", tonight after things are over.

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Our latest trip

Bubbles and I had some time so we took a trip to the mountains. We had planned it for a week counting the days till we left. We started on 64 heading west to 75 south . As usual bubbles was ready to let the girls out. as soon as we hit the highway somehow the girls came out for the first truck. Too bad he was on his phone and missed the show. She played with several drivers along the way a few of which I got pics of them looking . As she played I had the chore of making sure every driver had a good chance of getting a view. I'm sure most enjoyed the show when they looked upon the girls. On our return trip we were passing a convoy of several trucks listening to them talking about her having her tits out and how good they looked. Just as we were getting into it there was a backup starting . It seems there was a police chase that ended just ahead of us. We were lucky and jumped off the exit at the 90 mile marker to fuel and empty our bladders. The drivers were looking for her in the back up all the while we were getting fuel. When we were ready to return to the road we ended up ahead of the back up. Sorry guys but it just worked out that way. The rest of the way home she got to play with a few more guys but they were far and few between. I hope someone from here was in the mix. If not maybe next time. Keep your eyes open and looking left We will be out there listening and if your nice you may get to get your own show.


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My $5.00 tip!

What a wonderful weekend I had! We are redoing our kitchen with new cabinets (finally!) and he went to the kraftmaid warehouse sale in Warren, 3 1/2 hours away. This was the third trip up there, and this time he could'nt go so I said I could go? After looking at me like I was crazy, and alot of pleading, he said ok! But "don't expect much, it's a complicated process, it's luck of the draw, you need to know what your doing, even if you find anything, they wont help you load it, blah blah blah."

So off on my little road trip I went,  and had to leave Friday since the sale starts so early at 6:00 in the morning. He told me there is a days inn pretty close, so I went there. I didnt have any luck on the trip up with my flashing and was kinda bummed, but when I got to the hotel it was kinda fun, and had a full length window and a little balcony. The first thing I did was open the curtains, and watched some tv. There was an enterprise rent a truck that pulled in the lot, and yes I went topless. After the two guys kept walking back to the truck and carrying nothing back to the room, I figured they saw me and give a gal some wine and alone in a hotel room with open curtains, and even though they wernt real truckers, they were driving a truck, of sorts, kinda, right? So after walking around topless brushing my hair, I pulled my panties down to show everything. I really don't know if they saw much, but kinda think they did since they stayed in the truck a long time.

So in the morning, I got there early and found stuff I wanted, and bought lots of stuff! The guy that got assisned to me to haul it to the curb chatted a bit, and said you able to get this in your vehicle? My part is done. I said yes, I'll manage. I was wearing a really thin white top, kinda see through, and a jacket over it. I took my jacket off, and gave him at $5.00 tip for the help. He kept looking at my little tits and helped me load the stuff I got! Best $5.00 I ever spent! Lol! I was going to give him more, reaching for my purse, and he waved me off, saying "my pleasure to help you"!

When I got home (the trip back home was intense, I'll blog that next) he was totally shocked, as in, I got lots of stuff and he asked how I got it loaded? I just said never underestimate a woman! LOL!



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Return Trip From Dallas

I have had several requests to relate what happened on our way home from Texas so here it goes.

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Stressed afterthoughts

After what I did yesterday, I'm really feeling guilty. I guess that happens for me alot, if I go out of my comfort zone. My first blog I did last night was alot more detailed, but it didnt take and I forgot some stuff, and redid it really late last night. 

I guess I'm learning to work around my guilty feeling, in a way but not in all ways, yet. I can't stop doing this, I just take a little time off pretending to myself I can and will stop, will be no more flashing and I'll go back to being a good girl. I promise myself this all the time. I even promised myself this last night after my blog post, and then not 10 minutes later I wanted my toy again, and used it slowly at first and turned it higher. I didnt even notice till last night, it lights up with a blue glow (thats the only blue lights I ever want to see!) 

I started caressing my breasts, and squeezing my really sensitive nipples, which makes me tingle. My new toy sent waves of pleasure, which got really intense when i turned it up, and I started fantasizing about those trucks. 4 of the 5 of them said really positive things, only one said "y'all can have her". One of the others said I was good looking, and a couple others commented about my body. When I came again last night, I was pretending I had all of them at once except the one guy who I wouldnt let touch me. It was just a fantasy, but it really worked and I had to muffle my orgasam, I usually whimper and end up making way to much noise but my SO does'nt know I'm doing any of this.

So back to the guilt again :(. I've always been realy, really submissive and in a way I'm feeling kinda emboldened, like I have a real choice now in who I allow myself to submit to. This is really new feeling for me, and I think I like it, alot. I'm starting to feel less like a girl, and more like a woman, if that makes any sense. All these feelings are so new and I'm trying to process it all.

I remember in college, a quote from Oscar Wilde who said the only way to yield to temptation, is to yield to it. At the time that really made me angry, but I'm starting to see some truth in it. 

So unless I do what I promised and stop, I'll be flashing again soon. In fact I think Wednesday is my next day off so I'll need more batteries both for my toy and my CB :)



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OMG...and my new toy :)

Finally after what seems like forever I got out for what I hoped would be a really fun day. After getting a quick honk early, and a flash, I went over an hour with nothing. So I did a little shopping instead, and got myself a new pair of panties and a purple vibrator that can fit in my purse. Then back to the road.

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Off topic...my first kiss :)

Well, my first bi kiss that is. For some reason, I think about this alot at times, so thought I'd share. This was a couple years ago, in the summer when we were living in New England in a cute little town. I still miss New England for so many reasons.

It was a summer late evening, and he was at a conference and I was enjoying a little wine and sitting outside. It was a Sunday, I remember for a reason that will be clear soon lol. Otherwise I wouldnt remember. I was watching the traffic and the tourists walking up and down main street, and i was wearing a purple flowered skirt, and purple pantyhose, and a lavender top. A lady had already walked by two or three times, and finally asked if I had a cigarette, which I did, so I gave her one and she sat down beside me. She was pretty tippsy, and said I looked cute, and looked dressed right for a Sunday, had I gone to church? I lied and said yes, this morning I had and never changed. I really dont know why I lied, just in new england ladies dont dress in skirts and such much. 

She asked what I was drinking, I said wine, and said I had alot with that whole bottle, would she like a glass? She said that would be nice. We talked for a long time, well she talked mostly, I just listened lol. As it turns out, she had an argument with her boyfriend, and got out of the car and he drove off and asked me for a ride home. At first I said no, but after some more wine I said yes. (I know! super bad idea to have wine and drive anywhere!) She wanted him to come get her at first, but he wouldn't. 

After hearing her talk, I really felt bad for her, and when walking to the car I gave her a kiss on her cheek. I instantly regretted, and couldnt believe I did that but then she commented "Don't even tell me your bi!" I said no, I'm not, I'm so sorry but when we got in the car she gave me a kiss but not on my cheek. My lips, and she was kinda aggressive about it, and I should have resisted but I just let it go, and she was agressive, but so...soft too somehow, I just let it happen.

My mind was a swirl, and when she started touching my little breasts, I reached out and touched hers. Then I was under shirt and bra, and OMG I was so jeaulous and couldnt help but touch her, and carress her beauty. Then she lifted my top, and suckled on my breasts. She tried to touch me too, but commented "damn pantyhose".

I'm not sure why we stopped at that point, I guess I was too nervous by then at all this, and nothing else happened except for some chat and me driving her home. We did change numbers, and texted for a few times the next few days but never did do anything further and just drifted away. But I always will remember my first, and only, kiss and almost bi experience :)

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Scared for life!!!

Ok, not really lol, but I'm the one that's supposed to be flashing! I was in the pickup, since I was told that gives the best view, and was paying attention to my truckers and did get a honk, then noticed a car was pacing me after the honk. It was a green saturn I think, or something green that sat low.

Usually I cant see down to far in the pickup, except in low cars, and it was a guy who was touching himself. I guess I shouldn't have been, but I was kinda shocked. I couldn't help but watch, I didn't want to but couldn't help myself. I guess he finished his business, because he gave me a thumbs up and sped off. Yuck!

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Part two

Shoot! I should have done this sooner, when it was still fresh for me, but going to try to remember the rest of this, even if its a blur now.

I went my usual route, west on 70 to Richmond exit then back east 70 to home. I got a coupe comments before turning around, the best was "that lady has it going on!" but I was to close to Indiana and had to trun around. Well there is a rest area a few mile from the border, so I pulled in to wait for some trucks. A few went by, then finally a pack of four or five so I quickly got back on 70 east. I easily caught up, and started passing them. Then I got a comment on my cb, which has a short range, so I thought it was close by besides, the comment was right after I passed a couple trucks. It was something like, "girl those legs must be cold". I was wearing my bikini bottoms and a tank top.I was in the pick up again. I did'nt respond. 

The cb chatter was good there, and someone else asked what he was seeing, he said that burgandy pickup. Shes wearing shorts (I wasnt lol0 with legs that don't stop. I had just passed all those trucks, but the next was a far ways off so instead of speeding up, I slowed down a little. When the honk came, I dropped my top. I guess I got the trucker that make the comment about my legs, it was the same voice that said about my legs. He said something about titties. The next trucker sped up a bit, then the third. Someone else said shes out here making everyone happy. My heart was racing again, and my nipples hard. This went on a abit, and with other chatter I remained a topic of conversation!

The first gentleman commented I was teasing him, that he got a good look 4 or 5 times. Someone else said, yeah I got a look at those too. So for the second time, I pulled my bottom down, and started to touch myslef when he stayed right by my window. I didnt cum this time, i heard the sound of the rumble strips and heard on the cd "damn, girl!". 

Anyway, this wet on for about 20 miles or so. Part of the chatter was "Westbound, how we looking over your shoudler?" The relpy was priceless!!! It was something like, looking good back to Columbus, we havent seen anything....We also havnt seen any pickup trucks"


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A tale of two (or a few) trucks :)

Omg, just omg...I think i"m going too fast now, its just I can't seem to stop what I'm doing but dont know if I want too. 

Last week was a first for me, and SO intense. Just as I got comfortable to showing off my breasts, over the past few weeks, a trucker who I passed last week speed up a bit to keep paced with me. He didnt honk or anything, so I couldnt at first tell if he was interested in a view or not. Being really shy, I dont usually even look over at my truckers, but when he was pacing me, I pulled my top down, to show. He didnt comment on the cb or anything, just paced me for awhile. I sped up, then he did. I slowed, then he did...My top was till down, and my heart was racing. Usually when I do this, they will honk and appreciate and that makes me happy. Id never had a trucker stay with me and pace me this way. I finally did look over, and he had his window down and was trying to yell something. I held up my left hand to show my ring, and I could read his lips, I think, saying "I know"". That didnt have the effect I thought it might, and really didnt know what to do. So I thought ok, ill improve the show and caress my breasts, play with my nipples, and he will be happy. Then he honked. And kinda kept pace with me, I was on left in a middle lane of I70. It was so intense...

What else could I do? He seemed to want more, too see more,I really didnt know what to do or what I should do, so for the first time ever I pulled my panties down, a bit, to my thighs. He honked again and we played cat and mouse a bit, and I had my top up at this time, he kept pacing me, it was so freeing feeling. I coulndt resist, so I started touching myslef, for him, I guess but maybe for myself, or both, I dont even know I just did it. There was no more honking, but a bit of traffic was about then. I kinda lost control, my head thrashed back and my back arched as i orgasamed and my pickup I was in wobbled as I swevered a bit. I held my hand across my chest, and was gasping, I coulndt believe I had done this or was doing this. He kept pace with me and seemed to want more?, so I tried again and had a second orgasam. I slowed to recover, he went past me, and I took the next exit, in part to recover, in part ashamed at what I did, In part hoping he took a pic or vid of me...

guess that was only a tale of one truck not two or a few, but guess I'll save that for my next post lol

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How I started

Well, I tried to write this last night, but the site kept crashing on me so guess it didn't take. Sitting here with a glass of wine so thought I'd try again :) I'm really new to flashing trucks, but not so new to showing off. Which really is kinda weird, because i'm really very, very shy. At first, I was a lights out kind of girl. Until Cleveland lol.

My bf was at a conference, and he invited me and we got to stay at the Renassance hotel, which was really spectacular. He was in work things all day, so I went shopping and got some new things for going out that night (Including a pair of red heeled shoes and a black dress). It was really fun, and we went out to the rock and roll hall of fame, and then a few bars nearby there. I was pretty tipsy by the time we made it back to the hotel, and kept stumbling in the hall and into the room, and went straight to the bathroom.

When I came out, he had every single light in the room on, and the curtains wide open. He had done that before, but I would always pull the drapes. This time, as I was stumbling, he picked me up and put me on the bed closest to the window, and started to kiss me, alot. He took my dress off, and when I started to take off my shoes he asked me to leave them on, said they were hot, and i looked really good and sexy. This went on for a little time, then I was nude except my shoes, when he whispered to me "I think we are being watched", but as I was turning my head to see, he entered me, and everything was so intense and i just started moving my hips wildly. One of my shoes fell off. To this day, I really don't know if anyone was watching or not, but it didn't matter. An exhibitionist was born lol.

The thought of flashing trucks, well that's really new. I was driving in my car, not long ago, and wasn't really dressed sexy at all I don'Need a little help!t think, was in a semi short skirt and a low cut blouse with a push-up bra and a truck honked twice at me. I should have flashed him, but it took me a minute to realize he must have been honking for me, so ever since I've tried to do what I can to help out :)

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My 1st flash... well, 2nd flash

I wrote this story back in version one of FAT & I couldn't find it so I thought I'd share it again as a new post for the new members that didn't see it & for the vets who enjoyed it. 

My first flash was a little red headed girl (Debbie) in the first grade. Whether she somewhat knew what she was doing or whether she was just being naughty, I don't know but, when the teacher left the room one day, she would show any one who wanted to see. I knew her as she grew up & graduated. She was a very naughty girl & married one of the "Bad Boys" in our small town. 

The first real sexual flash happened again in school but in the 7th grade & was an older woman this time.... the teacher. 

While I was like 12 or 13 years old, I thought she was a real woman at that time & I was excited that a REAL woman, was giving me a show. In reality, I think she was probably right out of college & probably only 21 or 22 years old. Miss Ashley was a dark haired beauty with olive skin, maybe 5' 3 & 100 - 110 lb. 

I was kinda a bad boy in my teenaged years & I would somewhat get into trouble in school, occasionally. In Miss Ashley's class, if you were bad, you would have to sit in the front of the class, facing the class, in one of two desks she had backed up against the black board, in humility. The two desks were kinda, right side a couple of feet & back about a foot or so behind the teachers desk. 

You have to keep in mind, this was 1972 & mini skirts were the normal attire for young ladies at that time. Even with that in mind, this young lady wore exceptionally short skirts... mini skirts which certainly now would never be acceptable for a teacher & I highly doubt was acceptable back then. How she got away with this, I dont know unless she was pumping the principal.. an old angry codger in my opinion. 

Any way, Miss Ashley's desk, again, was slightly in front & to the left of the two student desks of which I spent some time in. Her desk also faced the class while her back was also to the black board. Her trash can was on the left side of her desk... on the side... about half way the desk. If she needed to throw away paper/trash, the position of her trash can dictated that she stand, bend over toward the left side of her desk far enough to see her trash can on the left side of her desk to ensure the paper went into the trash can. Keep in mind, the two "bad boy" student desks were slightly behind her to her right. 

Lets get right to the point. She wore thigh high stockings with garter belts & no panties. Let me sum up buy saying she was a pretty hairy woman. Which I enjoyed & am still fond of. 

To Miss Ashley. Where ever you are today. I think of you often & I sincerely & with all honesty, thank you for the education you provided to me. I will never forget you. I hope one day, wherever & if we should meet, I will be able to give you a hug & say thank you. 

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