An Overview
A little about our site and Community

Flashing Truckers is not something that happens all of the time but it does happen often. So much so that it seemed worth building a website dedicated to the Flasher/Trucker concept. It didn't take long before we had built a small membership, a core group of people who are either appreciative viewers of willing Flashers. Trust me when I tell you that the Viewers are very appreciative!!

We have rules that demand a certain standard of behavior in our Community, rules that are enforced to the benefit of everyone.

Our members needed, and were given, the option to protect their content; sharing it publicly or only with friends.

And we maintain our member's privacy. Unlike many websites, we never sell our people's information.
We are not a Porn Site. That is, we do not encourage our members to publicly post Pornographic Content.

We enjoy the female form when it is happily exposed in the form we know as Flashing. It's a pleasant and unexpected surprise during what would otherwise be a boring and mundane workday.

We are always respectful of our Flashers.

The best reason for our Community Website is FUN!! We enjoy ourselves and mix with others who enjoy the natural state of the human body. Some of us pose and some of us enjoy the view. In this case we are all Voyeurs.

Trucking is a great business to be in but it can become boring, mile after mile after mile. Occasionally we look left and get a very pleasant surprise which makes any trucker's day. So, to all the Flashers - we love you. To all the Voyeurs, thanks for watching.